Chest (Thoracic) Radiology Services

The service is fully digital and integrated with thoracic surgery and pulmonary medicine.

Case of a 35 year old male with Scimitar syndrome.

Case of a 35 year old male with Scimitar syndrome

Patient has hypoplastic right lung and anomalous pulmonary venous return to the hepatic veins. Note the anomalous vein extending form the right hilum down to the diaphragm.

Maximum Intensity Projection

25 year old woman with Panacinar Emphysema

MIP (maximum intensity projection image) and color enhanced volume rendered image of a 25 year old woman with panacinar emphysema. Note the paucity of vascularity in the lower lobes on the MIP images. The blue areas in the lower lobes are the emphysematous areas while the pink areas are the normal lung.

3D Gradient echo

3D Gradient Echo

Four 3D Gradient echo images on a middle aged man who presented with circumferential pleural metastases from an invasive thymoma.


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