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Vascular and Vein Care Centers Cosmetic Services

Our board certified physicians take a comprehensive approach to planning each patient’s course of treatment to design a plan specifically for them. During your initial consultation, your individual goals will be discussed. Based on a careful evaluation of your needs, our experienced Brigham physicians will recommend the most appropriate aesthetic cosmetic procedures designed to match your objectives and aspirations. This unique philosophy enables you to make informed decisions on how to look and feel your best. In addition, using the latest techniques and FDA-cleared technologies, our board certified physicians perform all of the procedures at our Vascular and Vein Care Centers to ensure the highest quality cosmetic and aesthetic procedures available.

Our cosmetic and aesthetic services include techniques of sclerosing agents and a transdermal laser for the treatments of vascular lesions (spider and reticular veins), hair reduction, skin resurfacing for scar treatment, and removal of pigmented blemishes.

Our sclerotherapy procedures are performed at all three of our locations. Our Palomar laser is located at our Foxborough location in the BWH/MGH Multi-Specialty Clinic.

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