Brenner Lab Publications

Selected Brenner Lab Publications

Selected Classic Early Papers

Brenner MB, Trowbridge IS, Strominger JL. Cross‑linking of human T cell receptor proteins: association between the T cell idiotype b subunit and the T3 glycoprotein heavy subunit. Cell 1985; 40:183-190.

Brenner MB, McLean J, Dialynas DP, Strominger JL, Smith JA, Owen FL, Seidman JG, Ip S, Rosen F, Krangel MS. Identification of a putative second T-cell receptor. Nature 1986; 322:145-149.

Bank I, DePinho RA, Brenner MB, Cassimeris J, Alt FW, Chess L. A functional T3 molecule associated with a novel heterodimer on the surface of immature human thymocytes. Nature 1986; 322:179-181.

Brenner MB, McLean J, Scheft H, Riberdy J, Ang S-L, Seidman JG, Devlin P, Krangel MS. Two forms of the T-cell receptor g protein found on peripheral blood cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Nature 1987; 325:689-694.

Krangel MS, Band H, Hata S, McLean J, Brenner MB. Structurally divergent human T cell receptor g proteins encoded by distinct Cg genes. Science 1987; 237:64-67.

Modlin RL, Brenner MB, Krangel MS, Duby AD, Bloom BR. T-cell receptors of human suppressor cells. Nature 1987; 329:541-545.

Hata S, Brenner MB, Krangel MS. Identification of putative human T cell receptor d complementary DNA clones. Science 1987; 238:678-682.

Band H, Hochstenbach F, McLean J, Hata S, Krangel MS, Brenner MB. Immunochemical proof that a novel rearranging gene encodes the T cell receptor d subunit. Science 1987; 238:682-684.

Hata S, Satyanarayana K, Devlin P, Band H, McLean J, Strominger JL, Brenner MB, Krangel MS. Extensive junctional diversity of rearranged human T cell receptor d genes. Science 1988; 240:1541-1544.

Modlin RL, Pirmez C, Hofman FM, Torigian V, Uyemura K, Rea TH, Bloom BR, Brenner MB. Lymphocytes bearing antigen-specific gd T-cell receptors accumulate in human infectious disease lesions. Nature 1989; 339:544-548.

Hochstenbach F, Brenner MB. T-cell receptor d-chain can substitute for a to form a bd heterodimer. Nature 1989; 340:562-565.

Porcelli S, Brenner MB, Greenstein JL, Balk SP, Terhorst C, Bleicher PA. Recognition of cluster of differentiation 1 antigens by human CD4-8- cytolytic T lymphocytes. Nature 1989; 341:447-450.

Porcelli S, Morita CT, Brenner MB. CD1b restricts the response of human CD4-8- T lymphocytes to a microbial antigen. Nature 1992; 360:593-597.

Rajagopalan S, Xu Y, Brenner, MB. Retention of unassembled components of integral membrane proteins by calnexin. Science 1994; 263:387-390.

Cepek KL, Shaw SK, Parker CM, Russell GJ, Morrow JS, Rimm DL, Brenner MB. Adhesion between epithelial cells and T lymphocytes mediated by E-cadherin and the aEb7 integrin. Nature 1994; 372:190-193.

Beckman EM, Porcelli SA, Morita CT, Behar SM, Furlong ST, Brenner MB. Recognition of a lipid antigen by CD1-restricted ab+ T cells. Nature 1994; 372:691-694.

Tanaka Y, Morita CT, Tanaka Y, Nieves E, Brenner MB, and Bloom BR. Natural and synthetic non-peptide antigens recognized by human gd T cells. Nature 1995; 375:155-158.

Sugita M, Jackman RM, van Donselaar E, Behar SM, Rogers RA, Peters PJ, Brenner MB, Porcelli SA. Cytoplasmic tail-dependent localization of CD1b antigen-presenting molecules to MIICs. Science 1996; 273:349-352.

Sugita M, Grant EP, van Donselaar E, Hsu VW, Rogers RA, Peters PJ, Brenner MB. Separate pathways for antigen presentation by CD1 molecules. Immunity 1999; 11:743-752.

Gumperz JE, Roy C, Makowska A, Lum D, Sugita M, Podrebarac T, Koezuka Y, Porcelli SA, Cardell S, Brenner MB, Behar SM. Murine CD1d-restricted T cell recognition of cellular lipids. Immunity 2000; 12:211-221.

Gumperz JE, Miyake S, Yamamura T, Brenner MB. Functionally distinct subsets of CD1d-restricted natural killer T cells revealed by CD1d tetramer staining. J Exp Med. 2002; 195:625-636.

Sugita M, Cao X, Watts GFM, Rogers RA, Bonifacino JS, Brenner MB. Failure of trafficking and antigen presentation by CD1 in AP-3-deficient cells. Immunity 2002; 16:697-706.

Lee DM, Friend DS, Gurish MF, Benoist C, Mathis D, Brenner MB. Mast cells: a cellular link between autoantibodies and inflammatory arthritis. Science 2002; 297:1689-1692.

Vincent MS, Leslie DS, Gumperz JE, Xiong X, Grant EP, Brenner MB. CD1-dependent dendritic cell instruction. Nature Immunol. 2002; 3:1163-1168.

Brigl M, Bry L, Kent SC, Gumperz JE, Brenner MB. Mechanism of CD1d-restricted natural killer T cell activation during microbial infection. Nature Immunol. 2003; 4:1230-1237.

van den Elzen P, Garg S, León L, Brigl M, Leadbetter EA, Gumperz JE, Dascher CC, Cheng T-Y, Sacks FM, Illarionov PA, Besra GS, Kent SC, Moody DB, Brenner MB. Apolipoprotein-mediated pathways of lipid antigen presentation. Nature 2005; 437:906-910.

Lee DM, Kiener HP, Agarwal SK, Noss EH, Watts GFM, Chisaka O, Takeichi M, Brenner MB. Cadherin-11 in synovial lining formation and pathology in arthritis. Science. 2007; 315:1006-1010.

Odyniec AN, Barral DC, Garg S, Tatituri RV, Besra GS, Brenner MB. Regulation of CD1 antigen-presenting complex stability. J Biol Chem. 2010; 285:11937-11947.

Gu Z, Noss EH, Hsu VW, Brenner MB. Integrins traffic rapidly via circular dorsal ruffles and macropinocytosis during stimulated cell migration. J Cell Biol. 2011; 193:61-70.

Chang SK, Noss EH, Chen M, Gu Z, Townsend K, Grenha R, Leon L, Lee SY, Lee DM, Brenner MB. Cadherin-11 regulates fibroblast inflammation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2011; 108:8402-840.

Brigl M, Tattituri RVV, Watts GFM, Bhowruth V, Leadbetter EA, Barton N, Cohen NR, Hsu FF, Besra GS, Brenner MB. Innate and cytokine-dirven signals, rather than microbial antigens, dominate in natural killer T cell activation during microbial infection. J Exp Med. 2011; 208:1163-1177.

Garg S, Sharma M, Ung C, Tuli A, Barral DC, Hava DL, Veerapen N, Besra GS, Hacohen N, and Brenner MB. Lysosomal trafficking, antigen presentation, and microbial killing are controlled by the Arf-like GTPase Arl8b. Immunity 2011; 35:182-193.

Brennan PJ, Tatituri RVV, Brigl M, Kim EY, Tuli A, Sanderson JP, Gadola SD, Hsu F-F, Besra GS, Brenner MB. Invariant natural killer T cells recognize lipid self antigen induced by microbial danger signals. Nature Immunol. 2011; 12:1202-1211.

Cohen NR, Tatituri RVV, Rivera A, Watts GFM, Kim EY, Chiba A, Fuchs BB, Mylonakis E, Besra GS, Levitz SM, Brigl M, Brenner MB. Innate recognition of cell wall β-glucans drives invariant natural killer T cell responses against fungi. Cell Host Microbe 2011; 10:437-450.

Selected Recent Papers on RA

Noss EH, Chang SK, Watts GFM, and Brenner MB. Modulation of matrix metalloproteinase production by rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts after cadherin 11 engagement. Arthritis Rheum. 2011; 63:3768-3778.

Noss EH, Watts GF, Zocco D, Keller TL, Whitman M, Blobel CP, Lee DM, Brenner MB. Evidence for cadherin-11 cleavage in the synovium and partial characterization of its mechanism. Arthritis Res Ther. 2015; 17:126.

Noss EH, Nguyen HN, Chang SK, Watts GF, Brenner MB. Genetic polymorphism directs IL-6 expression in fibroblasts but not selected other cell types. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2015; 112:14948-14953.

Rao DA, Gurish MF, Marshall JL, Slowikowski K, Fonseka CY, Liu Y, Donlin LT, Henderson LA, Wei K, Mizoguchi F, Teslovich NC, Weinblatt ME, Massarotti EM, Coblyn JS, Helfgott SM, Lee YC, Todd DJ, Bykerk VP, Goodman SM, Pernis AB, Ivashkiv LB, Karlson EW, Nigrovic PA, Filer A, Buckley CD, Lederer JA, Raychaudhuri S, Brenner MB. Pathologically expanded peripheral T helper cell subset drives B cells in rheumatoid arthritis. Nature 2017; 542:110-114.

Nguyen HN, Noss EH, Mizoguchi F, Huppertz C, Wei KS, Watts GF, Brenner MB. Autocrine loop involving IL-6 family member LIF, LIF receptor, and STAT4 drives sustained fibroblast production of inflammatory mediators. Immunity 2017; 46:220-232.

Chang SK, Kohlgruber AC, Mizoguchi F, Michelet X, Wolf BJ, Wei K, Lee PY, Lynch L, Duquette D, Ceperuelo-Mallafré V, Banks AS, Brenner MB. Stromal cell cadherin-11 regulates adipose tissue inflammation and diabetes. J Clin Invest. 2017; 127:3300-3312.

Mizoguchi F, Slowikowski K, Wei K, Marshall JL, Rao DA, Chang SK, Nguyen HN, Noss EH, Turner JD, Earp BE, Blazar PE, Wright J, Simmons BP, Donlin LT, Kalliolias GD, Goodman SM, Bykerk VP, Ivashkiv LB, Lederer JA, Hacohen N, Nigrovic PA, Filer A, Buckley CD, Raychaudhuri S, Brenner MB. Functionally distinct disease-associated fibroblast subsets in rheumatoid arthritis. Nat Commun. 2018; 9:789.

Zhang F^, Wei K^, Slowikowski K^, Fonseka CY^, Rao DA^, Kelly S, Goodman SM, Tabechian D, Hughes LB, Salomon-Escoto K, Watts GFM, Apruzzese W, Lieb DJ, Boyle DL, Mandelin II AM, Accelerating Medicines Partnership: RA Phase 1, AMP RA/SLE, Boyce BF, DiCarlo E, Gravallese EM, Gregersen PK, Moreland L, Firestein GS, Hacohen N, Nusbaum C, Lederer JA, Perlman H, Pitzalis C, Filer A, Holers VM, Bykerk VP, Donlin LT*, Anolik JH*, Brenner MB*, Raychaudhuri S*. Defining Inflammatory Cell States in Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Synovial 1 Tissues by Integrating Single-cell Transcriptomics and Mass Cytometry. Nat Immunol. 2019; in press. ^authors contributed equally *authors contributed equally

Selected Recent Papers on Innate T Cells

León L, Tatituri RVV, Grenha R, Sun Y, Barral DC, Minnaard AJ, Bhowruth V, Veerapen N, Besra GS, Kasmar A, Peng W, Moody DB, Grabowski GA, Brenner MB. Saposins utilize two strategies for lipid transfer and CD1 antigen presentation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2012; 109:4357-4364.

Cohen NR, Brennan PJ, Shay T, Watts GF, Brigl M, Kang J, Brenner MB & The Immunological Genome Project Consortium. Shared and distinct transcriptional programs underlie the hybrid nature of iNKT cells. Nature Immunol. 2013; 14:90-99.

Tuli A, Thiery J, James AM, Michelet X, Sharma M, Garg S, Sanborn KB, Orange JS, Lieberman J, Brenner MB. Arf-like GTPase Arl8b regulates lytic granule polarization and natural killer cell-mediated cytotoxicity. Mol Biol Cell 2013; 24:3721-3735.

Brennan PJ, Tatituri RVV, Heiss C, Watts GFM, Hsu F-F, Veerapen N, Cox LR, Azadi P, Besra GS, Brenner MB. Activation of iNKT cells by a distinct constituent of the endogenous glucosylceramide fraction. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2014; 111:13433-13438.

Lynch L, Michelet X, Zhang S, Brennan PJ, Moseman A, Lester C, Besra G, Vomhof-Dekrey EE, Tighe M, Koay H-F, Godfrey DI, Leadbetter EA, Sant'Angelo DB, von Andrian U, Brenner MB. Regulatory iNKT cells lack expression of the transcription factor PLZF and control the homeostasis of Treg cells and macrophages in adipose tissue. Nat Immunol. 2015; 16:85-95.

Wolf BJ, Tatituri RVV, Almeida CF, Le Nours J, Bhowruth V, Johnson D, Uldrich AP, Hsu F-F, Brigl M, Besra GS, Rossjohn J, Godfrey DI, Brenner MB. Identification of a potent microbial lipid antigen for diverse NKT cells. J Immunol. 2015; 195:2540-2551.

Lynch L, Hogan AE, Duquette D, Lester C, Banks A, LeClair K, Cohen DE, Ghosh A, Lu B, Corrigan M, Stevanovic D, Maratos-Flier E, Drucker DJ, O'Shea D, Brenner M. iNKT Cells Induce FGF21 for Thermogenesis and Are Required for Maximal Weight Loss in GLP1 Therapy. Cell Metab. 2016; 24:510-519.

Brennan PJ, Cheng TY, Pellicci DG, Watts GFM, Veerapen N, Young DC, Rossjohn J, Besra GS, Godfrey DI, Brenner MB, Moody DB. Structural determination of lipid antigens captured at the CD1d-T-cell receptor interface. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2017; 114:8348-8353.

Kohlgruber AC, Gal-Oz ST, LaMarche NM, Shimazaki M, Duquette D, Nguyen HN, Mina AI, Paras T, Tavakkoli A, von Andrian U, Banks AS, Shay T, Brenner MB*, Lynch L*. γδ T cells producing interleukin-17A regulate adipose regulatory T cell homeostasis and thermogenesis. Nature Immunol. 2018; 19:464-474. *authors contributed equally

LaMarche NM, Kohlgruber AC, Brenner MB. Innate T Cells Govern Adipose Tissue Biology. J Immunol. 2018 201:1827-1834.