Support Urology Research

Recently, you or a member of your family was afflicted by a serious illness. You found that discovering the cause of a disease and an effective treatment can be unacceptably slow but research faces higher costs and lower government financial support. This situation has created a greater need for private sponsorship and here are some examples of how you might help.

You may wish to fund an idea

  • Discover a gene involved in the disease ~1M
  • Test an approved drug in a clinical trial for this disease ~1-10M
  • Search a database for the drug’s side effects ~200K
  • Develop a patient registry for this disease ~200K
  • Explore the symptoms and quality of life of a group a patients ~200K

You may wish to support a scientist’s work

  • Establish an endowment ~2-10M

You may wish to fund a brick and mortar project

  • Build a new research institute ~20-50M

While these large gifts may lead to discoveries, any size gift is appreciated. Contact the Division of Urology or the Development Office for more information on how your gift might help a researcher.