Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) is an internationally recognized leader in transplantation services, providing advanced care for a wide spectrum of organ and tissue transplants, including kidney, pancreas, lung, heart, face, hand, and bone marrow. Our transplantation programs draw upon the expertise of some of the country’s leading transplant physicians, collaboration among highly integrated and experienced multidisciplinary teams, groundbreaking research, and state-of-the-art medical facilities to provide evaluation and treatment that is innovative, compassionate, and successful.

Our History

Our transplantation programs have a strong past, present, and future. Many transplant milestones have taken place here, including the world’s first successful human organ transplant, a kidney transplanted from one identical twin to another, in 1954. Since this groundbreaking start, our transplant programs have continued to build upon this innovative spirit. From advanced procedures, such as minimally invasive kidney removal, face transplantation, and ex-vivo perfusion (helps improve quality of a donor lung by restoring blood flow to the organ while outside the body), to newer technologies, such as ventricular assist devices and total artificial hearts, we strive to do everything possible for our patients and their families.

Our medical expertise and advanced technologies are enhanced by comprehensive and compassionate care. From evaluation to post-transplant monitoring, we provide counseling, education, and individualized care for our recipients and donors. We also focus on educating and counseling family members about transplantation and encourage them to play an active role in the transplant process.

We welcome patients, physicians and family members to browse our site to learn more about the transplant services we provide, what patients should expect before, during, and after transplant surgery, what we’re doing to improve transplant surgery, how to get in touch with us, how to become a donor, and more.

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