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Kidney Transplantation – Contact Us

We welcome inquiries from providers, patients and caregivers. We have a team of committed and gifted surgeons, physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, nutritionists, researchers and counselors whose special expertise guarantees that our patients receive the best treatment available.

To obtain more information about our program, please contact us:

Kidney Transplant Program Surgery Office
Phone (617) 732-6866

Before Transplant Care
Phone (617) 732-6866, option 2
Fax (617) 525-0431

  • Patients with kidney problems interested in learning about transplant
  • Providers referring a patient for transplant
  • Self-referrals or second opinions for transplant
  • Patients in the process of evaluation for transplant
  • Patients on the waiting list

Living Donor Center
Phone (617) 732-6866, option 3
Fax (617) 394-3217

  • Interested in Donating Your Kidney
  • Living Donors

After Transplant Care
Phone (617) 732-6123, option 3
Fax (617) 394-3218

  • Transplant Recipients with Clinical Questions
  • Prescription Refill Requests

All Transplant Concerns after Business Hours

Paging Operator (617) 732-6660
Transplant Surgery – Kidney Transplant - Renal Transplant Attending On-Call
Nephrologist – Inpatient Renal Transplant Attending On-Call


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