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Awards, Honors, and Grants

May 06, 2022

Bry, Westin Awarded Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Grants

Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhD


Lynn Bry, MD, PhD, of the Department of Pathology, and Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhD, of the Department of Radiology, were each awarded grants from the Research Infrastructure Program of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC). This program supports projects that enhance the life sciences ecosystem within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Bry, who directs the Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center at the Brigham with co-director Georg Gerber, MD, PhD, received funding for “Enabling Computational and Quantitative Microbiology to Promote Commonwealth Innovation.” This grant will support the center’s continued pursuit of microbiome-driven mechanisms of disease with new platform technologies to model complex microbial ecosystems and investigate the dynamics of anaerobe metabolism and microbial metabolomic targets in human health and disease.

Westin was selected for his project “MAGNUS – Next-Generation MRI Scanner to Advance Brain Research in Massachusetts.” This grant will allow Westin’s team to acquire a powerful MAGNUS MRI scanner that is specifically designed to image the human brain at very high resolution and that will allow researchers to visualize its structures in unprecedented detail. The scanner will be installed at the Brigham Research Imaging Core, where it will advance patient-based research in the areas of brain injury, neurodegeneration, brain tumors and mental disorders, as well as the fundamental science of human brain function.

The MLSC, an economic development and investment agency, aims to support growth and development of life sciences in Massachusetts. Through private funding initiatives, the MLSC supports research and work that will advance promising treatments, therapies and cures that will improve patient care, create jobs, and drive economic and STEM workforce development.