Brigham Health Leadership

Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD

Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD

President, Brigham Health

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Administrative Leadership

Paul J. Anderson, MD, PhD
Senior Vice President, Research and Education; Chief Academic Officer, Brigham Health

Shelly Anderson, MPM
Senior Vice President, Business Development and Innovation; Chief Strategy Officer, Brigham Health

Lisa Badeau
Vice President; Chief Marketing Officer, Brigham Health

Giles W. Boland, MD
President, Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization

Kathryn Britton, MD, MPH
Associate Chief Medical Officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

James Bryant, JD
Vice President; Chief Compliance Officer, Brigham Health

Douglas E. Carney, AIA, MBA
Senior Vice President, Real Estate, Facilities, and Operations, Brigham Health

Christopher Dunleavy, MBA
Senior Vice President; Chief Financial Officer, Brigham Health

Sunil Eappen, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs; Chief Medical Officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Timothy Ewing, PhD
Vice President, Employee Diversity, Inclusion & Experience, Brigham Health

Kevin Giordano, MBA
Senior Vice President, Clinical Services, Brigham Health

William Johnston, MPA
Senior Vice President, Clinical Services, Brigham Health; Chief Operating Officer, Brigham and Women's Physician's Organization

Bernard Jones, EdM
Vice President, Public Policy; Chief of Staff, Brigham Health

Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS, MHS
Vice President; Chief Information Officer; Digital Innovation Officer, Brigham Health

Wanda McClain, MPA
Vice President, Community Health and Health Equity, Brigham Health

David McCready, MBA, MHA
President, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital; Senior Vice President, Clinical Services, Brigham Health

Erin McDonough, MBA
Senior Vice President; Chief Communication Officer, Brigham Health

Allison Moriarty, MPA
Vice President, Research Administration and Compliance, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Charles Morris, MD, MPH
Associate Chief Medical Officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Nawal Nour, MD
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Faculty, Trainees and Students, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Madelyn Pearson, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Senior Vice President, Clinical Services; Chief Nursing Officer, Brigham Health

Cynthia Peterson, MBA
Vice President, Regional Ambulatory Operations and Business Development, Brigham Health

George Player, CPE, FMA
Vice President, Facilities and Operations, Brigham Health

Susan Rapple, EdM
Senior Vice President; Chief Development Officer, Brigham Health

Andrew Resnick, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President; Chief Quality and Safety Officer, Brigham Health

Julia Sinclair, MBA
Senior Vice President, Inpatient and Clinical Services, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Paula Squires, MDA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Brigham Health

Melinda Upton, MS
Vice President, Network Development, Brigham Health

Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer, Brigham Health

Tom Walsh, MBA
Vice President, Analytics, Planning, Strategy and Improvement, Brigham Health

Clinical & Research Department Leadership

Robert Barbieri, MD
Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ennio A. Chiocca, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Neurosurgery

Gerard M. Doherty, MD
Chair, Department of Surgery

Peter M. Doubilet, MD, PhD
Interim Chair, Department of Radiology

Jeffrey A. Golden, MD
Chair, Department of Pathology

Daphne Haas-Kogan, MD
Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology

Terrie E. Inder, MBCHB
Chair, Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine

James D. Kang, MD
Chair, Department of Orthopaedics

Thomas S. Kupper, MD
Chair, Department of Dermatology

Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Medicine

James P. Rathmell, MD, MS
Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

Tracy Batchelor, MD, MPH
Chair, Department of Neurology

David Silbersweig, MD
Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Institute for Neurosciences

Michael VanRooyen, MD, MPH
Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Ross D. Zafonte, DO
Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation