OMCOSS (the Office of Mediation, Coaching, Ombuds and Support Services) Voluntary & Confidential Services

During this current public health crisis, OMCOSS has fully operationalized remote services to support you. We are using telephone and Zoom calls to stay connected. If you are working on-site at BWH, we have private rooms from which you can call us. Email or leave a message at 617-525-9796 to set up an appointment. We will promptly return your call or email.


  • Anxiety is a natural response when our ways of life are threatened. Our trained professionals can assist you in developing skills to notice and yet not react to worrisome and ruminating thoughts.
  • During times of uncertainty it is important to find rituals and routines that comfort us.Coaches can support you in developing new routines and processes that may help you improve concentration, productivity, and overall wellbeing.
  • Many individuals may be working from home and feeling isolated, with no family or friends close by. Our coaches can work with you to help find ways to create and establish new connections.
  • Conflict arises under the best of circumstances. When high stress and complexity are added to the equation, conflict can become deeply divisive. Our mediators can help you work with conflict to maximize learning potential and building agreement – in a 1:1 conflict coaching session or in a mediation process with other co-workers. We are here to help you find a path forward.

OMCOSS Coaching

Our Coaches are here to offer support in:

  • Fostering a positive mindset
  • Helping you create routines that integrate self-care
  • Providing insightful and probing questions to explore a full range of personal and professional life choices

OMCOSS coaches bring empathy, compassion and intelligence to their work.

OMCOSS Mediation and Conflict Coaching

We understand that heightened stress can result in heightened interpersonal conflict. Our mediators are available to guide you and your colleagues in a process focused on:

  • Gaining deeper insights into root-causes of conflict
  • Repairing and building strong relationships
  • Building agreements that assist in improving productivity

Our highly skilled mediators can work with you individually, or with one or more colleagues. If you are not sure how to move forward, please contact us to explore a range of options.


If you have questions about whom to talk with about a confidential concern, or if you need assistance thinking through the implications of a conflict or difficulty at the organizational level, please reach out for support.

Support Services

  • The OMCOSS team has a dedicated EAP professional to help you address concerns about your mental or emotional health and to connect you with community or other resources.
  • OMCOSS coordinates the BWH Peer Support program as well as the developing Crisis Response Program. Both initiatives provide support to caregivers following difficult clinical events.


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