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Nominate an Extraordinary Patient Care Assistant (PCA), Medical Assistant (MA), or Emergency Service Assistant (ESA) for a TULIP Award

About the TULIP Award

Our PCAs, MAs and ESAs collaborate closely with nurses and clinical teams to deliver excellent care in inpatient units, outpatient practices, perioperative areas and the Emergency Department, respectively. They collect specimens, check vital signs, maintain sterility and cleanliness of equipment and help patients with other activities, such as eating and hygiene in the inpatient setting. In all settings, these staff treat patients and families with compassion and work to establish trusting relationships.

In recognition of their tremendous contributions, the Department of Nursing Cardiovascular/Medicine/Surgery Committee launched the TULIP Award in June 2021.

“TULIP” stands for “Touching Unique Lives In Practice.” It celebrates the ways that these team members go above and beyond for their patients and their colleagues.

The Tulip Award originated at the Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in 2008 by the Retention and Recruitment Committee.

Please help us celebrate our staff by sharing how a PCA, MA or ESA made a meaningful difference to you or your loved ones. Nominations may be submitted via the form at the bottom of this page.

Our Journey to Creating the TULIP Award

Building upon prior awards in some units, the TULIP Award formalizes a recognition program that is inclusive of all PCAs, MAs and ESAs throughout the Brigham.

The idea came about in 2018, when

Carlita Dominguez BSN, RN, received a DAISY Award nomination, which recognizes nurses for providing compassionate care.The patient said that he felt he had a “whole team supporting him on his journey to better health.”

This patient needed extensive dressing changes that required at least two caretakers. “I could not have provided great care without the help of our PCA staff,” shared Carlita, a former PCA. “The nomination belonged to them just as much as me.”

Carlita sought acknowledgement for her PCA team members and brought forth the idea for an award to her unit-based nursing practice council. The councils for medicine units joined and created the PCA Circle of Excellence Award. The award was presented monthly from October 2018 to June 2019.

At that time, our Cardiovascular/Medicine/Surgery Committee discussed the award and felt that all PCAs, MAs and ESAs should be recognized for their many contributions as caregivers and team members.

The committee decided to adopt the TULIP Award and began a pilot in cardiovascular, medicine and surgery units. The first award was presented to Pamela Cook, of the Neurosciences Intermediate Care Unit, in June 2021

In fall 2021, the TULIP Award will be launched throughout the hospital.

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Your TULIP Award Nomination

Thank you for nominating an extraordinary Brigham PCA, MA, or ESA for a TULIP Award!

We appreciate you taking the time to share how a Patient Care Associate made a difference you will never forget.


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