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Sleep Matters Initiative

Improved Sleep Leads to a Healthier Life

Sleep Matters Initiative Research Publications

Sleep and Circadian Principles Impact

Health and Well-Being

Weaver MD, Quan SF, Barger LK, O’Brien CS, Czeisler CA. Whitcomb E. Calculating the Cost of Poor Sleep. This paper details the methodology underlying the National Safety Council Fatigue Cost Calculator: Real Costs of Fatigue in the Workforce.

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Patient and Occupational Safety

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Sleep Disorders

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Work Hours and Schedule Design

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Sleep Health and Wellness Programs

Sullivan JP, O'Brien CS, Barger LK, Rajaratnam SM, Czeisler CA, Lockley SW; Harvard Work Hours, Health and Safety Group. Randomized, Prospective Study of the Impact of a Sleep Health Program on Firefighter Injury and Disability. Sleep. 2017 Jan 1;40(1). doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsw001. PMID: 28364446

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