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Unhealthy sleep behaviors and untreated sleep disorders are unmet public health problems that contribute to adverse health and performance. In the support of its mission to advance sleep science and promote a culture of healthy sleep, members of the Sleep Matters Initiative are active in clinical investigation to develop strategies and programs that will improve sleep health. They have performed important consequential research translating discoveries in sleep science into actions that can benefit the sleep health of the public.

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Notably, Sleep Matters Initiative investigators have demonstrated that well designed sleep health education programs can improve general knowledge concerning the importance of sleep and can identify untreated individuals with sleep disorders. These programs which have been administered to thousands of individuals in multiple institutions across the country have been shown to improve health, productivity, performance, and safety, while reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs. One such program delivered to a mid-sized fire department of about 1200 firefighters reduced disability days by 50% and a 24% reduction in accidental injury.