Center for Nursing Excellence: Continuing Education

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Nursing is committed to the continuing education and development of staff.  The Center for Nursing Excellence ensures that principles of adult education, evidence based practice, research, and professional development are integrated into continuing education programs and that these programs meet current standards and requirements. 

At BWH there are a variety of ways to develop continuing education programs that meet the criteria for continuing education credits.  If you are planning an educational program and would like to know if it qualifies as continuing education, and/or would like assistance in applying for continuing education credits please email  Please note we strongly encourage you to set up a planning meeting at least 4-6 weeks prior to your program to ensure all required CE documentation is completed so that your event can offer nursing contact hours.

You can learn more about the Continuing Educational Offerings at The Brigham and Women’s Hospital by clicking here.  To learn more about your role and responsibility as a nurse in continuing education please visit the Massachusetts Board of Nursing Courses:

CE Requirements for RNs:  Required to complete 15 contact hours every 2 years

CE Requirements for LPNs:  Required to complete 15 contact hours every 2 years

If you are planning a BWH Nursing Educational Event, please contact Linda A. Evans RN, PhD at 617-525-7789.


  1. BWH CE Application:  Please contact the BWH Provider Unit at least 4-6 weeks prior to planning your activity.  The BWH Provider Unit will work with you to complete the application, please allocate at least2-4 weeks within your program planning for the application process.
  2. Needs Assessment:  Please utilize the following template to complete a needs assessment of your program prior to submitting your application.  Needs Assessments are required with the submission of your completed application.
  3. Biographical Data Form:  Biographical Data forms are required for all Nurse Planners and Presenters.  Biographical Data Forms are filled out for each CE application.
  4. Request for Additional Dates:  If you would like to request an additional date for a previously approved CE application, this document must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your new program date.  As a reminder CE is only valid on the date the program is awarded contact hours.  Each new date requires separate documentation.
  5. Checklist:  This is a tool to assist you in the planning of your event.
  6. Independent Study Application: Please submit this application for all enduring CE activity.  Please contact the BWH Provider Unit to assist with the planning of these educational programs and guidance with BWH Audio Visual requirements.
  7. Pre and Post Test Guidelines:  This document is a guideline to assist all planners of nursing continuing education.  New 2013 submission requirements recommend pre and post testing to measure Level Two Outcomes in our work.  A more detailed description of Level Two outcomes and preparing for submitting a pre and post test is included in this guideline. Other options to meet Level Two outcome are also included.
  8. Quality Improvement Tool:  Following submission by participants of the program evaluation, a summative evaluation report is shared with the Nurse Planner by the Center for Nursing Excellence. Following review of the report, the Nurse Planner completes this Quality Improvement Tool and returns it for inclusion in the program files at the Center for Nursing Excellence.
  9. Obtaining CE Certificate via Healthstream:   CE certificates are available for a 2 week period after the program is presented.  Please be sure to log on using the directions to evaluate the course and obtain your CE information.  For a quick reference on obtaining CE certificates, click here.
  10. Industry Sponsored Programs:  Please visit this site to understand the guidelines surrounding having industry involved with any of your educational programs.  You can find the Conference GuidelinesMonetary Support Intake Form, and Conference Budget documents to assist in guiding your program if you are working with a pharmaceutical company to provide funding for your program.
  11. Audio Visual Requirements:  If you are planning on filming your presentation you must review the guidelines and forms required for filming.
  12. Joint Provider: If you are working in conjunction with other Facilities to joint provide your event such as a Hospital Consortium Group or networking with local Hospitals to put on an educational event, you must submit a Letter of Joint Providership.  Click on this link to see a sample of a Joint Provider Letter.
  13. Tips for Writing Behavioral Objectives:  Click on this link for a guideline on writing Behavioral Objectives to assist with your Content Outlines within the CE Application


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