The Center for Nursing Excellence

The mission of the Center for Nursing Excellence (CNE) is to advance the Professional Practice Model of the Department of Nursing and to support the strategic direction and goals of the Department of Nursing. We accomplish this through the promotion of affordable, inclusive, relationship-based care. The CNE supports the advancement of clinical nursing practice and interprofessional collaboration, contributes to knowledge about nursing workflow, and leads in the generation of nursing scholarship.

A key objective of the CNE’s work is to advance inter-professional teams within the BWH and our academic and healthcare communities to enhance quality outcomes for patients and families. A second objective is to generate and integrate scholarship and research in clinical practice and the practice environment. The Center focuses on assuring that the best programs are in place to achieve eleven important goals:


  • Use evidence-informed strategies to assure quality relationship-based care.
  • Seamlessly integrate innovations and technology to support the work of all staff.
  • Promote quality-focused, affordable, inclusive, relationship-based care.


  • Engage in nursing scholarship and research that leads to innovative nursing interventions and improved patient- and family-centered outcomes.
  • Establish a center for evidence-informed research so that nursing practice reflects best science.
  • Develop strategies for funding within the CNE to support the work of the Department of Nursing.


  • Support the successful transition of nurses into professional practice at BWH.
  • Implement educational programs to develop staff of the Department of Nursing.
  • Develop robust academic partnerships which support baccalaureate through doctoral education.
  • Advance practice development and build leadership practices in the Department of Nursing.
  • Support the Department of Nursing’s initiatives in development of a local and global community agenda to promote health, reduce disease disparities, and improve treatment outcomes.

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