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Our sports medicine physician team

Patients in the greater Boston area seeking a sports medicine physician can find expert and innovative care through the sports medicine program at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). With a long history of excellence in medical and surgical orthopaedic care, the BWH sports medicine program offers comprehensive treatment at convenient locations throughout the Boston area. A BWH sports medicine physician can treat athletes playing on high school, collegiate and professional teams, as well as weekend and amateur athletes of all ages.

Services offered by a sports medicine physician at BWH

A BWH sports medicine physician can provide a broad spectrum of treatment for athletes, including:

  • Joint replacement (shoulder)
  • Cartilage repair and transplantation
  • Ligament repair and transplantation (shoulder, hip and knee)
  • Arthroscopic surgery (shoulder, hip and knee),
  • Joint preservation, including treatment for shoulder impingement
  • Sports and shoulder surgery

See a sports medicine physician at a convenient location.

Patients may see a BWH sports medicine physician at locations in Boston, Chestnut Hill, Jamaica Plain, and Foxborough.

Get treatment with a women's sports medicine physician

Because female athletes may experience injuries differently than their male counterparts, the women's sports medicine program at BWH offers comprehensive multidisciplinary care for female patients. A sports medicine physician in this program may treat competitive athletes, recreational athletes and women who simply want to adopt or maintain a more active lifestyle. The goal of the program is to prevent and treat injuries so that our patients may remain active throughout their lives.

Each sports medicine physician in the women's sports medicine program works with a multidisciplinary team possessing a diverse set of specialties that include:

Find a sports medicine physician

To consult with a sports medicine physician at BWH, call 1-800-294-9999 or use our online appointment request form.

You may also use the Find a Doctor tool on our website to search by name, specialty and location of practice. With this helpful feature you can quickly find a physician in a specific area, such as a Boston foot doctor or a Boston hand specialist, or identify physicians who are experts in specific treatments such as carpal tunnel surgery or knee replacement surgery.

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