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Program Policies – Program for Weight Management

Referrals from Primary Care Physicians are needed for Initial Consultations

  • You will need a referral to PWM from your PCP for your initial visit. Please be advised that PWM will bill your insurance company for the medical visit. You will be responsible for the medical visit copayment in the amount determined by your insurance policy, which will be due at the initial evaluation. This copayment is included in the $100 program initiation fee.

Initial Appointment Cancellations

  • If you are unable to keep your initial consultation appointment, we request that you let us know by telephone within at least 48 hours of advance notice. This allows us to schedule that time for another person who is waiting to join our program.
  • When you schedule your initial appointment, you will be asked to provide a credit card number and your credit card will be charged $25, which will be applied towards your program initiation fee.
  • If you cancel or miss the initial appointment without providing at least 48 hours notice to the program, the $25 charge is not refundable. In addition, if you miss more than two initial appointments, we will unfortunately not be able to reschedule you.

Laboratory Fees

  • Laboratory fees are not included in the enrollment fee. These fees will be submitted directly to your insurance company by the laboratory. Any portion of the lab fees that are not covered by your insurance plan are your full responsibility.


  • HMR products are not returnable. Once you have purchased any of these products you will be unable to receive a refund or exchange.
  • Formula sales are made at the discretion of the medical staff. The Program for Weight Management will not sell formula to anyone who has not been seen in the clinic for three or more weeks.
  • If part of your diet intervention includes formula, you must purchase the formula from the program.

Missed Visits

  • The $300 program fee for participation in the Program for Weight Management covers eight (8) visits, which must occur within a ten (10) week period. In other words, your 8-week program fee allows you two absences (for any reason) within a ten week period. Extended absence considerations will be made in the case of medical illness or bereavement.
  • Dates when clinic is closed due to holidays or inclement weather will not count towards your 8 purchased weeks.
  • All enrollment fees must be paid within ONE WEEK of their due date. If these fees go unpaid for 2 or more weeks, you will be unable to participate in the Program for Weight Management until the fees are paid.
  • Any medication prescribed by a PWM physician is not included in the enrollment fee.

Extended Absence

  • If you are absent from PWM for an extended period and wish to re-join, we will gladly welcome you back.
  • However, if six months or more have passed since your last visit to PWM;
    • You must be re-evaluated and pay initial evaluation fee.
    • You must call ahead to schedule appointment.
  • The medical evaluation will be billed to insurance.


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