About the Hospitalist Service

Brigham and Women's Hospital Medicine Unit (HMU) is an academic medical group that provides inpatient care at Brigham and Women's Hospital(BWH), our community affiliate Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital (BWFH) and Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) Inpatient Hospital.

Physicians in our group serve as attendings on the core internal medicine teaching services at both of our hospitals. In addition, they provide direct patient care with the support of hospitalist NP and PA advanced practice providers (APP).

All of our providers have the opportunity to participate in medical education with Harvard Medical students and Brigham and Women's Hospital Internal Medicine residents, as well as peer and APP education. Our hospitalists take advantage of a rich set of opportunities to contribute to research, quality and process improvement, patient safety, health equity, health informatics, clinical and educational scholarship, social medicine and global health.

We are proud of the diverse and flexible career paths offered within the HMU that encourage providers to pursue their individual career interests in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  1. Promote equity and diversity in clinical care, research, medical education, and hospital medicine as a discipline;
  2. Provide equitable, high-quality, efficient, comprehensive, compassionate inpatient care for patients from diverse backgrounds;
  3. Redefine and improve the standard of inpatient care including seamless communication across multiple settings;
  4. Excel as educators in conveying the principles of evidence based inpatient medicine to students, residents, colleagues, APPs, and patients;
  5. Become national leaders in hospital medicine and agents of change in quality improvement initiatives, patient safety, and clinical research.

Our Mission as Hospitalists

Our first responsibility is to our patients. We strive to provide care that is safe, effective, equitable, and patient-centered. We strive to provide the best possible patient care experience as individuals and as a service. Fulfilling this responsibility requires that we recruit and retain the finest hospitalists and advanced practice providers who engage in satisfying, sustainable careers in hospital medicine, and that we remain fully committed to designing and promoting care models that put patients first.

Our second responsibility is to our trainees: the residents, medical students, and advanced practice providers who rely on us to provide evidence-based teaching, mentorship, and role modeling in the care of hospitalized patients. Fulfilling this responsibility requires that we remain engaged in the educational mission of BWH and Harvard Medical School and that we seek out every opportunity to teach and promote the core competencies of hospital medicine as a distinct specialty.

Our third responsibility is to Mass General Brigham and the broader community. We must recognize that we are members of a larger care team and we must foster excellent teamwork with other providers including nursing, other specialists and primary care physicians. We must join and lead efforts to improve the care we provide, and we must be responsible stewards of resources to ensure the long-term survival of the institution, the larger mission of the hospital, and the health care system overall.

Our final responsibility is to hospital medicine as a field and to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge in our specialty. We strive to advance knowledge in clinical research, quality improvement, patient safety, and education, and share lessons learned with colleagues nationwide.

Clinical Sites

Brigham and Women's Hospital is 793 bed, urban academic medical center located in Boston, Massachusetts and a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. Inpatient hospital care is provided on general medicine teams and to our oncology patient populations through Dana Farber Cancer Institute and BWH. Hospitalists provide care on resident teaching services and an APP-supported service and provide inpatient medical consultation.

BWFH is a 171-bed community teaching hospital located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Our hospitalists care for 110 inpatient medical beds inclusive of all medical admissions. Our hospitalists provide care on both BWH-resident teaching services and hybrid direct-care and APP-staffed services.

In addition, we provide medical consultation to BWFH inpatient psychiatry and surgical services. BWFH offers one of the only level IV inpatient addiction recovery programs in Massachusetts. This program is run with a unique co-management model by our hospitalists in collaboration with board-certified addiction medicine providers.

Clinical Services

Brigham and Women's Hospital

General Medicine Service (GMS) – 3 teams which consist of a hospitalist, 1 resident and 2 interns OR 2 residents, 1 intern and 2 sub-interns

Integrated Teaching Unit (ITU) – 2 teams which consist of a hospitalist, 1 chief medical resident (attending for 5 patients per team), 2 residents, 3 interns and 2-3 2nd year medical students

Physician Assistant Clinical Educators (PACE) Service – 3 teams which consist of a hospitalist and 2 PAs, covered overnight by a hospitalist

General Medicine Consult Service – 1 team which consists of a hospitalist and a senior medical resident

Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital

Faulkner General Medicine Service (FGMS) - 2 teams which consist of a hospitalist, 2 resident-intern dyads and a 2nd year medical student, covered overnight by a hospitalist

Faulkner Advanced Clinician Team (FACT) - 5 teams which consist of a hospitalist and a NP/PA, covered overnight by a hospitalist

Additional BWH Services Covered by Hospitalists Overnight

  • BWH and DFCI Oncology PA teams
  • BWH Pulmonary Transplant/Cystic Fibrosis team
  • BWH Renal Transplant team
  • BWH General Cardiology PA, Electrophysiology and Cath PA teams

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