Renal Division Research Faculty

Jamil Azzi, MD
Assistant Professor
Exploring novel therapeutic strategies that preferentially promote immune regulation and induce tolerance to self and alloantigens

Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD
Professor, Chief of Renal Division
Mechanisms of kidney injury and repair; Mechanisms of directed differentiation of stem cells to kidney cells; identifying and validating kidney biomarkers

Anil Chandraker, MD
Associate Professor
Defining T cell phenotypes of transplant recipients with stable and deteriorating renal function

Anna Greka, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Glom-NExT: Center for Glomerular Kidney Disease and Novel Experimental Therapeutics

Indira Guleria, PhD
Assistant Professor
Mechanisms of fetomaternal tolerance

Li-Li Hsiao, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Translational approaches in the area of accelerated vascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Takaharu Ichimura, PhD
Mechanisms of kidney injury and repair; Roles of phagocytosis receptors in pathophysiology of kidney diseases

Vicki Kelley, PhD
Autoimmune mediated diseases (in particular, lupus); identifying molecules that promote and contrastingly protect immune mediated tissue destruction

Albert Lam, MD
Developing strategies to generate nephron progenitor cells and functional kidney epithelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells; Models of human genetic kidney diseases using patient-specific human iPS cells

Tzong-Shi Lu, PhD
Development of therapeutic agents to promote vascular health through inhibition of mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with renal failure and metabolic syndrome

Martina McGrath, MD

David Mount, MD
Assistant Professor
Molecular physiology of renal and neuronal ion transporters

Leonardo Riella, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Mechanisms of chronic rejection and novel potentials pathways important for transplantation tolerance

Jagesh Shah, PhD
Associate Professor
Mechanisms that underlie primary cilium assembly and function in establishing cellular polarity; computational model of mitotic checkpoint signaling; microfluidic devices for studying cellular behavior

Andrew Siedlecki, MD
Vascular disease in acute and chronic kidney injury; reparative function of human renal vascular progenitor cells; novel proteomic serum markers that reveal the mechanism of uremic cardiomyopathy

Melissa Yeung, MD
Understanding basic mechanisms underlying solid organ transplant rejection versus tolerance, in attempts to find novel ways to improve long-term graft survival and minimize side effects of immunosuppression

Jing Zhou, MD, PhD
Physiology and pathophysiology of polycystins and polycystic kidney disease (PKD), which has led to studies of primary cilia

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