Neurology Research Programs

The Department of Neurology at Brigham and Women's Hospital is a group of multidisciplinary biomedical research laboratories which has its central objective in the application of a wide range of current biological methods to the elucidation of the pathogenesis and treatment of certain chronic, unsolved neurological diseases: multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson’s Disease. In addition to clinically-related research many of the laboratories have an additional focus directed at understanding basic human and animal immunology.

Research Laboratories

Alzheimer's/Parkinson's Disease

Tim Bartels, PhD

Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment

Center for Neurologic Diseases Core Facilities

Matthew J. LaVoie, PhD

Cynthia A. Lemere, PhD

Dennis J. Selkoe, MD, Co-Director

Jie Shen, PhD

Dominic M. Walsh, PhD

Michael S. Wolfe, PhD

Tracy L. Young-Pearse, PhD

Oleg Butovsky, PhD


Brain Tumors

Anna Krichevsky, PhD


Genomic Research

Nathalie Pochet, PhD

Clemens R. Scherzer, MD


Immune-Mediated Disorders

Elizabeth Bradshaw, PhD

Francisco Javier Quintana, PhD


Multiple Sclerosis

Ana Anderson, PhD

Rohit Bakshi, MD

Elizabeth Bradshaw, PhD

Tanuja Chitnis, MD

Philip L. De Jager, MD, PhD

Wassim Elyaman, PhD

Samia J. Khoury, MD

Vijay Kuchroo, DVM, PhD

Howard L. Weiner, MD, Co-Director

Oleg Butovsky, PhD


NeuroBehavioral Research

Barbara Caldarone, PhD


Neuro Pharmacology

Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration (LDDN)


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