Holistic Pregnancy Care

Women expecting multiples (twins, triplets or more) need a little extra attention. That's why at the Brigham's Comprehensive Care Center for Multiples, we take a holistic approach to prenatal care that encompasses body, mind and spirit.

Our deep expertise in multiple pregnancy and world-leading care for even the smallest newborns makes the Comprehensive Care Center for Multiples a destination for families expecting a multiple birth. Watch the above video to learn more.

Customized Care

Here, you will receive care that is customized especially for you and mindful of all aspects of your health and well-being, including:

  • Nutrition: Carrying two or more babies means you have increased nutritional needs, so we provide you with a nutritional consult early in your pregnancy. Learn more on our Nutrition page.
  • Sleep: With two or more growing babies in your belly, it can be hard to get comfortable and sleep as your pregnancy progresses. Activities like walking, taking a warm bath and drinking warm milk before bedtime can help.
  • Exercise: Get outside and move around! Walking, yoga and swimming are all ideal activities throughout your multiple pregnancy.
  • Mental health: Mothers of multiples are at higher risk for postpartum depression. We encourage you to let us know if you have any signs or symptoms of depression during or after pregnancy so we can help you. Our dedicated social worker can guide you in addressing your mental health and other concerns unique to multiple pregnancy and parenthood. Learn more on our Social Work page.
  • Social support: It is important to think about your network of family and friends who can offer support during pregnancy and after you bring your babies home. If you have any concerns about this issue, we can refer you to community resources.
  • Self-care: Try to focus on your well-being, from eating right to getting adequate sleep and exercise. If you have problems like heartburn, constipation or fatigue, which are quite common in women expecting multiples, we can suggest remedies to help.
  • Spirituality: We enthusiastically support whatever belief system you may have. In case you desire spiritual support, we have chaplains from a variety of faith backgrounds who are trained to work with both people of faith and those with no identified religion. We can put you in touch with a chaplain during your pregnancy or postpartum.
  • Environmental health: Many expecting families have concerns about environmental exposures, such as lead in the house or asbestos in the work setting. We can assist in assessing these risks and, if necessary, refer you to additional resources for assistance.

Additionally, we offer prenatal classes exclusively for multiple families that cover labor and birth, breastfeeding, caring for multiple newborns at home and more. If you have any questions about holistic pregnancy care at the Center for Multiples, please call 617-732-4840.

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