Newborn Care for Multiples

Bringing a new life into the world is a joyous, unforgettable event for anyone. When giving birth to two or more babies, the occasion is even more momentous.

At the Brigham, we understand what you are going through as a parent expecting multiples (twins or more). As New England's most experienced hospital in twin and triplet births, we deliver more than 200 sets of multiples each year.

You can count on our Comprehensive Care Center for Multiples for expert, comprehensive prenatal care and newborn care. And should one or more of your children have medical or developmental challenges after birth, we will be there for your family then as well.

Intensive Care for Multiples

Since twins and triplets usually arrive early, they are more likely to need specialized intensive care. That's the focus of the Brigham's state-of-the-art Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Our Level III NICU is the largest and most advanced in New England. We care for nearly 3,000 infants a year, including babies who are born premature or have structural complications, inherited disorders or life-threatening conditions.

At the NICU, you will find compassionate doctors, nurses, therapists and staff who are highly skilled in caring for newborn twins, triplets and more — as well as their families. Our team uses the latest technologies and techniques, including those that enhance healing and development of the infant brain. In addition, we can offer babies born as early as 23 weeks critical breathing and feeding assistance.

As a parent expecting multiples, you will appreciate that the NICU was designed with your family's comfort and needs in mind. You can be with your babies 24/7 in a spacious private room (for twins) or adjoining rooms (for triples or more).

The next step for your babies as they grow may be a stay in the NICU Growth and Development Unit. Here, infants who require extended time in the hospital receive specialist support for developmental, feeding and neurological challenges. Our goal is to provide homelike simulation for your babies and hands-on education for you to prepare your family for the transition home.

Following discharge, we ensure your children can get the specialized attention they need. Through outpatient visits to the Brigham's NICU Follow-up Program, we regularly assess and support growth and nutrition while also addressing any ongoing medical or developmental challenges. This service is available until your children reach kindergarten age.

Family-Integrated Developmental Care

While our NICU team brings expertise in newborn care, we realize you are an essential part of your children's care team. That's why we not only encourage you to be with your babies as much as possible in the NICU, but also empower you to partner with us in the day-to-day care of your babies.

Our commitment to family-integrated developmental care means we embrace, educate and engage multiple families in a variety of ways, including through the services we provide in the NICU. For example, we offer lactation support to educate mothers on breastfeeding multiple babies, including premature infants. We also have a social worker who follows you during pregnancy and postpartum to help you address complex medical conditions in your children, parental stress, warning signs of postpartum depression and other issues common with a multiple birth.

Learn more about family-integrated developmental care at the Brigham.

Well Newborn Pediatric Care

Some multiples are born premature but come relatively close to being carried to term. These "well" newborns are still fragile and require more attention than healthy full-term babies, and our newborn medicine team is experienced and prepared to care for them. Learn more about Well Newborn Pediatric Care.

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