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Focus on Health and Wellness

The Executive Physical Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is focused on the whole patient: mind, body, and spirit. In addition to the core exam, Executive Health patients can choose from a variety of add-on options designed to ensure that you are at your peak.

Genetic Screening 

Brigham and Women’s Genomic Consultation Service offers genetic testing and genetic counseling. A consultation with a member of our staff will enable us to help you choose the proper test from the array of genomic tests currently available. For example, a hereditary cancer panel, an analysis of 80 inherited gene mutations, will provide information about your risk of developing certain cancers. Another option, the pharmacogenomics panel, tests for genetic variations that affect drug metabolism and the risk of side effects. Please inquire about additional genomic testing options that are available.

Nutrition Counseling

Working with a registered dietitian can be a great way to make sure that you are on track, or to kick start a new dietary approach. During your visit, a registered dietitian will conduct a full nutrition assessment, including a calorie, vitamin, mineral, and macronutrient analysis of a three-day diet record; fat-mass and lean-mass body testing; calorie and macronutrient recommendations to meet your goals; and the need for any vitamin/mineral supplementation. A discussion about your lifestyle—work schedule, exercise and sleep patterns, and stress levels—will enable us to provide evidence-based nutrition recommendations so that you can achieve your goals while living a busy life.

Exercise Physiology Consultation

Working with a clinical exercise physiologist is the gold standard for individuals who want help creating the ultimate exercise program to meet their personal goals. With your input, we will devise a lifestyle enhancement program that consists of cardiovascular conditioning, overall body strengthening using various forms of resistance exercise, and stretching with stress-relieving techniques. The unique program that you and your exercise physiologist co-develop will be designed to help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals.

Well-being and Life Satisfaction Consultation

This assessment offers an in-depth evaluation of the degree of satisfaction that you feel you experience in your life. You will have the opportunity to look at major areas of life functioning, including relaxation, recreation, work, finances, creative expression, personal development, and a sense of purpose. In addition, the quality of both personal and professional relationships will be evaluated, as will the degree of spiritual fulfillment.

Complex Psychiatric Diagnosis Consultation

Patients with psychiatric issues often have unclear or confusing diagnoses that necessitate expert review and diagnostic refinement so that appropriate treatment can be put in place. This comprehensive evaluation includes a thorough review of records provided and an extended psychiatric interview with the patient, and family as necessary to clarify the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Audiology Screening

Hearing loss can impact communication and overall quality of life. A highly trained audiologist will assess your hearing using a variety of advanced tests, which can determine degree and type of hearing loss.

Eye Exam

Because many eye conditions develop slowly without symptoms, early detection is key. This comprehensive eye exam is coordinated with our colleagues at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, internationally acclaimed for its care.


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