Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

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Inpatient Service (PT and OT)
(617) 732-5301

Physical Therapy Triage – BWH, pager 11459
Occupational Therapy Triage – BWH, pager 15374


Inpatient Rehabilitation provides services:

  • 7 days a week, 7 am - 5 pm

Initiating a Referral

A consult is required for a Rehabilitation Services referral. Once the referral is entered into the computer it is put on a queue, logged in and assigned to a therapist.

Physical Therapy assesses the patient's level of function by evaluating strength, ROM, coordination, balance, mobility and safety awareness; gears treatment to maximize patient's safety and mobility; makes recommendations for discharge plan (need for rehab, chronic placement, home services) including an exercise program, ambulation status and positioning; provides a variety of equipment to optimize safe mobility and positioning.

Occupational Therapy assesses the patient's level of function by evaluating self-care skills (such as bathing, dressing, feeding, transferring), upper extremity status and positioning needs, cognitive-perceptual skills and their impact on function and safety; gears treatment to maximize patients' functional independence and safety level; makes recommendations for discharge plan (i.e., need for acute rehab, chronic placement, home services), including safety at home and splinting; provides equipment to optimize function and safety in the home (e.g., bathroom equipment, adaptive equipment for self care, splints for upper extremity positioning).

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