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Department of Pediatrics Research Program Overview

The Department of Pediatrics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is committed to advancing the next generation of care for newborns and their families through clinical and translational research, as well as basic science investigation. To facilitate the success of our faculty and collaborating investigators, the department has established a robust research infrastructure, led by the Director of Research and the Research Executive Committee (REC). The REC is a multidisciplinary group of leaders that is responsible for the productivity, allocation of research resources, and quality of research within the department.

In addition, the REC oversees departmental review of research studies, including approval of the scientific approach to research, based on feedback from subject matter experts. Departmental review of research studies requires that the Principal Investigator (PI) complete the departmental review form, which outlines summary information about the study. This completed form, along with the aims of the study and preliminary budget are submitted to the Director of Research and reviewed by the REC. Once the study is approved by the REC, the PI may apply for Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and once approved, study implementation can begin. This process is outlined in greater detail in the Research Roadmap, as outlined below.

The department has also developed the Clinical Studies Coordination Team (CSCT). This team is led by the Director of Research and is comprised of research nurses, research coordinators, and research assistants. The goal of the CSCT is to support clinical investigators and assist in the implementation of studies in the clinical area. This may include helping to facilitate participant enrollment, and identifying needed resources (i.e. research nurse support, research assistant support, and database/analytical support). The CSCT reports back to the REC on a monthly basis.

Request for Review of Research

Download the Department of Pediatrics Request for Review of Research form (pdf).

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Research Executive Committee (REC)

  • Mandy Brown Belfort, MD, MPH (Chair)
  • Helen Christou, MD
  • Mohamed El-Dib, MD
  • Kelby Enos, MS
  • Carmina Erdei, MD
  • Kyle Iacovino, BA
  • Lise Johnson, MD
  • Peter Liakopoulos, MHA
  • Richard B. Parad, MD, MPH
  • Mark Perrella, MD
  • Sarbattama Sen, MD
  • Yvonne Sheldon, BSN, RN, MS
  • Tina Steele, RN, IBCLC

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