Radiology Clerkship Oral Presentation

Your presentation should be given via PowerPoint, should be no more than 10 minutes in length, and should be on a radiology-based topic that reflects new knowledge you have acquired during your clerkship (not material you have already presented on or derived from prior rotations or research experiences).  This presentation will be given to your student colleagues in the DFCI Medical Student Room and may be either case based (45 year old man with acute dyspnea) or topic based (Imaging findings of small bowel obstruction).  This presentation should be image rich, and as many images as feasible should be derived from Centricity.  If choosing a case-based format, the focus of the presentation should be on the radiologic aspects of the case.  You need only give the pertinent clinical positives and negatives required to put the imaging into context (recommend 1 slide max). 

You are also expected to author 5-10 multiple choice questions covering the most important aspects of the case, some of which will be included on the final exam.  Include four to five answer choices per question, and avoid negative questions (“Which of the following is NOT…”  “All of the following EXCEPT…”).  You should also prepare a 1 page handout for your classmates summarizing the material from your presentation and serving as a study guide.  This should contain complete text rather than a bullet point outline.  The material covered in your questions must be included in this handout. 

By 8am on the morning of presentation, you will need to submit to Ms. Terri Smith the following in digital format:

  1. PowerPoint presentation,
  2. one page summary handout,
  3. multiple choice questions with correct answers, and
  4. the patient’s medical record number

You will be evaluated based on the content and organization of your presentation as well as on your ability to communicate with your audience and use digital media.  Particular attention will be paid to your use of appropriate anatomic and imaging terminology. 


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