Advances in Pulmonary Functional Imaging Research Future Studies

  • Portable Low Field Magnetic Resonance Device for Acute Lung Injury, NIH R21HL124440, PI: Patz S
  • Portable MR Device for TBI Monitoring, NIH 1R43EB019819-01, PIs: Hrovat MI, Patz S
  • Portable MR for the Pulmonary ICU, NIH 1R43HL126435-01, PIs: Hrovat MI, Patz S
  • Early Time Course and Severity of Cerebral Edema and Acute Exposure to High Altitude, CIMIT application to DoD, PIs: Harris NS, Patz S
  • Novel Neuroimaging in Acute Mountain Sickness, CIMIT application to DoD, PIs: Harris NS, Patz S
  • Quantitative Assessment of Perfusion and Diffusion Before and After Chemotherapy in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma, PI: Muradyan I
  • Regional Measurement of Alveolar Partial Pressure of Oxygen with HPXe MRI, NIH R21, PI: Muradyan I
  • Regional Hypoxia Impacts the Heterogeneity of Inflammatory Lung Disease, NIH R01, PI: Ashare A
  • Pulmonary Function with Proton MRI, Siemens Medical Systems, PI: Patz S
  • Quantification of Septal Thickening in Scleroderma utilizing Hyperpolarized 129Xe, NIH R21, PI: Butler JP
  • A new initiative to develop MRE has begun with Prof Ralph Sinkus of Kings College London. We have implemented Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) on our Bruker 7T pre-clinical MRI system and have successfully produced MRE images of a mouse brain.

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