Department of Pediatrics Research Faculty and Labs

Clinical Investigators

Mandy Brown Belfort, MD, MPH
Dr. Belfort’s research focuses on the impact of fetal and neonatal growth and nutrition on later health and development outcomes.

Helen Christou, MD
Dr. Christou studies the mechanisms contributing to long-term cardiopulmonary morbidities among surviving premature infants, including pulmonary hypertension and bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and interventions to ameliorate them.

Richard Parad, MD, MPH
Dr. Parad’s work focuses on translational research relating to bronchopulmonary dysplasia as well as to newborn screening for heritable disorders.

Laboratory Investigators

Sule Cataltepe, MD
Cataltepe Laboratory

The Cataltepe Laboratory focus is on molecular mechanisms that are involved in the development of chronic lung disease (CLD) in premature infants. She is particularly interested in mechanisms that govern vascular growth in the lung in CLD as well as in other pathologies.

Helen Christou, MD
Christou Laboratory

The Christou Laboratory investigates mechanisms contributing to long-term cardiopulmonary morbidities in surviving premature infants and developing interventions to ameliorate them. Dr. Christou’s research is focused on mechanisms regulating pulmonary hypertension and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

Sailaja Ghanta, MD
Perrella Laboratory

Dr. Ghanta works in the Perella Laboratory and studies the properties of mesenchymal stem cells and their potential for treating disorders in newborns.

Mark Perrella, MD
Perrella Laboratory

The Perrella Laboratory studies the regulation and biology of genes important for the modulation of inflammation and oxidative stress in systemic disease processes, the regulation and biology of genes selectively expressed in muscle cells (smooth or striated), and the commitment and differentiation of progenitor cells during the evolution of disease processes.