Research Faculty

Research in the STAR Center is a collaborative initiative led by faculty with diverse backgrounds in surgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine & critical care.


To become an international leader in critical care research and clinical practice through innovation and collaborative research

To develop translational research that meets our academic goals and also improves patient care


Develop high quality, investigator initiated clinical trials & research, and perform industry sponsored trials
Establish innovative preventive & treatment strategies for critical care
Enhance visibility and academic strength through publications 
Transition successful internal projects into funded protocols


  • George Frendl, MD, PhD, FCCM
SICU Research Faculty
  • Reza Askari, MD
    Zara Cooper, MD, MSc.
    Jonathan Gates, MD, MBA
    Matthew Grunert, MD
    Kathleen Haley, MD
    Joaquim Havens, MD
    Peter Hou, MD
    Edward Kelly, MD
    Suzanne Klainer, MD
    Daniela Lazea, MD
    Louisa Palmer, MD
    Sujatha Pentakota, MD
    Erika Rangel, MD
    Ali Salim, MD
    Raghu Seethela, MD
    Dirk Varelmann, MD
    George Washko, MD, M.M.Sc.
    Gerald Weinhouse, MD
    Martin Zammert, MD