Trauma Center Grant

This is a National Institutes of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) funded Program Project consisting of Multiple Cores and Laboratories, under Program Announcement PAR-02-092, "Research Centers in Trauma, Burn, and Perioperative Injury" entitled:

"Augmented Injury Due to Autologous Inflammatory Attack" (1P50 GM52585)"

  • Francis D. Moore, Jr., M.D., Director, Principal Investigator
  • K. Frank Austen, M.D., Principal Investigator
  • Michael C. Carroll, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
  • Selwyn Rogers, M.D., M.P.H., Principal Investigator
  • Herbert B. Hechtman, M.D., Emeritus Investigator

It is difficult to over-estimate the impact of trauma: injury is the primary cause of death in Americans aged 1 to 38 years, total trauma deaths exceeding 94,000 per year in 1996. For each death, there are at least two cases of permanent disability and countless cases of temporary disability. Certain patients should be saved from death due to injury by prompt medical care. The remaining deaths occur in hospital. These deaths occur from infection introduced at the site of injury or as a result of the care of the injury or from a related syndrome of progressive total-body deterioration, known as multi-system organ failure.

These problems are at the heart of the clinical work of surgeons involved in the care of these patients at this time. In this Trauma Center Grant, the investigators wish to advance the care of the traumatized by a novel conceptual formulation of their disease process, and thereby help not just the injured but also critically ill patients as a whole. It should be emphasized that the observations to be made may not impact just on mortality but also may cause reduction in the degree of injury, thus limiting disability and hastening recovery, as well.

Labs in the Program Project