Trauma Center Grant Publications

Presented at the American College of Surgeons, October, 2011

  1. Sheu EG, Wakatsuki K, Younan G, Oakes SM, Moore FD, Jr. Ischemic Injury Inhibits Cancer Metastasis by Modulation of Host Adaptive Immunity. 3 Sept 2011. JACS 213(3):S137.
  2. Sheu EG, Wei J, Ma M, Carroll MC, Moore FD, Jr. Characterization of the Human Peritoneal Lymphocyte Compartment and Its Antibody Repertoire. 3 Sept 2011. JACS 213(3):S57-8.

Presented at the Academic Surgical Congress, February, 2011

  1. Wakatsuki K, Sheu EG, Oakes SM, Moore FD Jr. T Lymphocytes Promote Tumor Growth Following Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.
  2. Sheu EG, Oakes SM, Carroll MC, Moore FD Jr. Isolation Of Antibody Producing Human Peritoneal B Lymphocytes That Modulate Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.
  3. Younan G, Sheu EG, Dagher W, Oakes SM, Moore FD Jr. Human Serum Aggravates Injury In A Human Skin Xenograft Scald Burn Model.

Abstract Accepted

  1. Torabi R, Barone A, Kim K, Younan G, Haas M, Smith R, Austen KF, Moore FD Jr., Carroll MC, Austen WG, Sachs DH, Cetrulo CL. Abrogation of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury In Composite Tissue Allografts.


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