Meet the B-PREP Team

Tari King, MD

Tari King, MD

Chief, Division of Breast Surgery, Department of Surgery

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Marybeth Hans, MS, PA-C

Marybeth Hans, MS, PA-C

Clinical Director

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Katherine Humphrey, PA-C

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Camille Oliver, PA-C

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  • Olga Kantor, MD, Breast Surgeon
  • Alison Laws, MD, Breast Surgeon
  • Christina Minami, MD, MS, Breast Surgeon
  • Esther Rhei, MD, Breast Surgeon
  • Kamala Perez, RN Program Nurse
  • Eshita Sharma, Research Assistant
  • Darcy Gopie, Practice Assistant
  • Maria Rodrigues, Practice Assistant
  • Kaitlyn Bradshaw, MA
  • Kelly Collins, Patient Navigator

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