Wound Non-Surgical Treatments

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital Wound Care Center (WCC) provides multidisciplinary diagnosis, treatment, education and support to foster wound healing for thousands of patients each year. Our wound care experts include plastic and reconstructive surgeons, a specialty-trained physician assistant and a certified wound nurse.

We provide the following non-surgical treatments:


  • There are many types of wound care products and dressings in use today. The dressings and products used are carefully selected based on your wound’s individual needs and evidence based practice to promote the right wound environment your body requires to heal.

NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)

  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy promotes wound healing through the use of vacuum assisted closure devices. By delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site through a special dressing, wound edges are drawn together, fluid is removed, and healthy tissue growth is promoted at the cellular level.

Bio-Engineered Tissue Substitutes

  • A skin or tissue substitute is made from either human or bioengineered tissue and is used to enhance wound closure and serve as a surgical skin replacement for grafting.

Referrals and Appointments

If you are interested in arranging a consultation with one of our wound care experts, or have any questions, please contact us at (617) 525-9213. You can also email us at woundcarecenter@partners.org.


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