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General and Access Surgical Services

Our surgical team can provide a variety of services that may be necessary to patients with end-stage renal disease – both before and after kidney transplant surgery. This expanded range of services allows our surgical team to build lasting relationships with our patients and provide continuity of care.

Second Opinions

We offer second opinions to patients with complex conditions who are considering kidney transplant surgery or who have already had a transplant.

Comprehensive Urological Care

We can address urological treatment needs – before and after transplantation – for our patients.

Dialysis Access Surgery

Our surgeons can perform the surgical procedure necessary to establish access for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. They also perform procedures to surgically correct issues with these access sites.

Additional Surgical Services

Our general and transplant surgeons provide expert care beyond transplantation. In addition to vascular access surgery and placement of peritoneal catheters for dialysis, we also perform laparoscopic and abdominal general surgery, and endocrine surgery. Some of these procedures include laparoscopic gall bladder removal, adrenalectomies, hernia repair, and parathyroidectomies.


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