Burn Care Treatments and Innovations

The Burn Center provides treatment and follow-up for patients with minor to severe burns through a multidisciplinary approach including specially-trained nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, social workers, and skilled wound care staff. A burn injury can be sustained through a variety of sources including thermal/heat (flame, flash, scald, and steam), chemicals, radiation, sunlight, or electricity.

We provide care and treatment immediately following the injury, as well as later care to those who have suffered from burn injury and seek a better functional and aesthetic outcome.


Our Trauma and Burn Intensive Care Unit includes rooms equipped with high output ceiling heaters, critical for burn patients’ care. Our neighboring neurological ICU is equipped with a CT scan directly in the unit, immediately available for burn patients. Our operating rooms are also equipped with specialized equipment allowing for high ambient temperatures while operating on patients with severe burns.

Members of our team were in the laboratory at the time when the artificial skin (Integra™) was discovered, and basic research related to its applications remains active in our laboratories. We were involved in the initial clinical trials for the use of Trancyte ™ on patients with facial and hand burns. Our original discoveries also include the use of anabolic steroids in burn patients.

Educational Outreach

Fire prevention has greatly reduced the number of burn casualties nationwide. In fact, the number of burn victims has been on a steady decline over the last decade.

We are experienced in providing both educational as well as "hands on" courses and lectures. Our community outreach effort centers on proper care for burn patients as well as prevention methods. Listed below are some examples of lectures that we have provided in the past. We also tailor our lectures according to local community needs. Please contact us at 617-732-7411 for talks on any of the following topics.

  • Initial burn care and resuscitation
  • Current burn dressings and skin substitutes
  • Burn reconstruction
  • Disaster response and management

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