Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Research

Research conducted by vascular and endovascular surgeons at the Brigham and Women’s hospital (BWH) Heart & Vascular Center examines the risks and symptoms of vascular diseases as well as prevention, diagnosis and treatment options. Our work has led to many groundbreaking advances in vascular medicine and surgery. Recently, researchers in the Ozaki Vascular Surgery Research Laboratory, directed by C. Keith Ozaki, MD discovered that a low fat diet pre-surgery helps with post-surgery recovery under specific conditions. Dr. Ozaki’s research with Dr. James Mitchell at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that some of the protective effects of restricting specific dietary elements before surgery occur through gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

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Your contributions to our research will provide even better care for the next generation of patients. Donations can be directed toward:

  • Prevention of vascular diseases
  • Improving the role of surgery to improve patient outcomes
  • Improving surgical processes, techniques and protocols
  • Improving recovery after surgery
  • Understanding the needs of surgery patients

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