Gender-affirmation: Medical Treatment

Gender-affirmation treatment can encompass many types of care. In addition to procedures specifically related to gender affirmation, patients may also require care or treatment for related medical needs, including primary care, fertility care and skin care. Through the medical experts in our center and with referrals to specialists throughout the Brigham and Women's family of providers, you can receive the seamless, coordinated care you require.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Patients who undergo gender-affirmation treatment may have different medical needs than other patients. The surgery team can ensure that you receive all of the care you need from a full range of specialists who understand and respect your needs.

Our gender-affirming treatment team coordinates care among specialists from various disciplines in an integrated way. We work collaboratively with you and other specialists in shared decision-making. We communicate with you, and with each other, to ensure you receive personalized treatment for all of your medical needs.

Gender-affirmation Services

We offer referrals to carefully vetted specialists who support gender affirmation and deliver the following services:

  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy: Initiation or continuation of masculinizing or feminizing hormone therapy
  • Primary care: Including regular health maintenance, contraception (birth control), testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and PrEP for HIV prevention
  • Fertility care: For patients who require reproduction assistance, fertility preservation or fertility testing/treatment
  • Pregnancy care: For patients who are pregnant or who wish to plan a family
  • Pelvic health: Screening, diagnostic care and treatment for a range of conditions that affect the pelvic organs
  • Hair removal: Treatments for the face and body
  • Skin care: For patients experiencing acne and other skin conditions related to hormone therapy and other gender treatment
  • Voice care: Speech-language therapy that helps modify the pitch, volume and other qualities of the voice

Contact the Center for Transgender Health

To schedule an appointment with a physician in the Center for Transgender Health, please contact our patient coordinator at: 617-732-5303 or email us at:

If you are a physician seeking to refer a patient to the Center for Transgender Health, please call 617-732-5303. To contact one of our physicians with a question, patient referral or second opinion, you also may email:

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