Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Program

BWH Procedure Following Blood/Body Fluid Exposure

If you are exposed to blood or visibly bloody fluids from:

  • Needlestick, or cut from sharp object
  • Splash to eyes, mouth, nose, or open cut
  1. Wash or flush affected area
  2. Page STIK Beeper - #3 STIK (37845)
  3. Notify your supervisor
  4. Obtain evaluation and treatment in Occupational Health

Business Hours

M-F, 7am to 4:00pm
BWH Occupational Health Services,
10 Vining Street, Suite 104, in the Neville Building.
The phone number is 617 732-6034.

Off Hours: Emergency Department

It is important to report exposure within 1-2 hours. You may need immediate treatment.