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Expecting twins, triplets or high-order multiples demands more of you physically and mentally, but you can feel confident that our multidisciplinary team of experts in the Comprehensive Care Center for Multiples provides specialized care for you, your babies and your family. The Center for Multiples brings together all the experts you might need, in a supportive, experienced and easy-to-access team. Specialists in maternal-fetal medicine and pediatric newborn medicine collaborate to assess and manage the risks for you and your babies. We offer expertise and innovative services for any complications that may arise (including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, fetal abnormalities and premature birth). Dedicated staff from social work, lactation and nutrition are also here to support you and your family through any other challenges.

Our deep expertise in multiple pregnancy and world-leading care for even the smallest newborns makes the Comprehensive Care Center for Multiples a destination for families expecting a multiple birth. Watch the above video to learn more.

Why Choose Us When Expecting Multiples

  • In the Center for Multiples, our team has extensive experience in every aspect of multiple pregnancy, delivery and newborn care. More than 200 mothers deliver twins, triplets or quadruplets here each year.
  • Our team of experts offers Virtual Visits to connect with you and your family while you stay at home. Many appointments, including an initial consult, second opinion, monitoring, or follow-up care, can effectively be held virtually so you can begin or continue your multiple pregnancy care.
  • Our skilled and compassionate team of physicians, nurses and support staff – including social work, nutrition, genetic counseling, lactation and more – are available to guide and educate you and your family at every step along this journey.
  • Our deep experience in twin complications includes growth restriction due to uterine crowding and uteroplacental insufficiency; shared placenta; and the rare twin-to-twin transfusion.
  • The NICU advantage: Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – the most state-of-the art in New England – provides reassurance that even babies born early will have the best start possible. Our twin and triplet rooms and lactation support services for feeding twins or more babies are just two of the reasons why Brigham and Women’s is a destination for families expecting multiples.
  • Our childbirth education series features opportunities for families expecting multiples to receive information tailored to the unique aspects of expecting, delivering and caring for twins, triplets and high-order multiples.

This is my first time having a multiple pregnancy and after doing my research I choose Brigham and Women’s for my maternity care. I have to say, they have been by far the best choice I made.” - Tania, patient

Our experts in the Center for Multiples are available to connect with you in person and with Virtual Visits. To request an appointment, call 617-732-5130 or submit the form below.

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