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Emergency Medicine Critical Care Division Faculty and Collaborators

Carolyn D’Ambrosio (Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine Fellowship director)
Nick Sadovnikoff (Anesthesia Critical Care Fellowship director)
Reza Askari (Surgical Critical Care Fellowship director, SICU director)
Rebecca Baron (MICU faculty)
Laura Fredenburg (MICU faculty)
Anthony Massaro (MICU director)
Joel Katz (Internal Medicine program director)
William Gormley (Neurosurgery TBI Clinic)
Saef Izzy (Neurology TBI Clinic)
Can Ozan Tan (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital)

Emergency Medicine Critical Care Division Strategic Overview


Critical care is the delivery of medical care to ‘‘any patient who is physiologically unstable, requiring constant and minute-to-minute titration of therapy according to the evolution of the disease process.’’ This definition extends to any location such that critical care is defined physiologically rather than geographically. The changing landscape of health care has resulted in an increase in the delivery of critical care in the emergency department (ED). Although the ED duration is brief compared to the total length of hospitalization, physiologic determinants of outcome may be established before intensive care unit (ICU) admission. The care provided during the ED stay for critically ill patients has been shown to significantly impact the progression of organ failure and mortality.  The increasing realization of the critical intersection of emergency medicine and critical care has led to a growing subspecialty in critical care medicine with formal education and training. 

The Division of Emergency Critical Care Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, and innovative group of faculty and staff dedicated to providing outstanding critical care to patients in our EDs and ICUs, educating residents, students, and fellows on the fundamental principles of critical care and its application in the emergency department, and cross collaborative research that traverse the ED, Medical and Surgical ICUs.  Emergency Medicine has emerged as a significant contributor to the discipline of critical care and is poised to make tremendous impact on the care of the critically ill through education, research, and clinical practice.


To deliver outstanding critical care to patients within and beyond the geographic boundaries of the ED by developing and promoting innovative and collaborative clinical care, education, and research.


The Division of Emergency Critical Care Medicine will further the growth and development of the interface of critical care and emergency medicine. The Division will accomplish this through high quality multidisciplinary care models, innovative research, and collaborative education.  The division will be the first division of emergency medicine critical care in Massachusetts and will exemplify the best of a culture of cross department collaboration.


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