Medical Education

All of our providers have the opportunity to participate in medical education through Harvard Medical School and with Brigham and Women’s Hospital Internal Medicine residents, as well as peer and APP education. A non-exhaustive list of medical education activities are below:

STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation

This is a multi-part project that maintains and creates curricula for managing rapid-response scenarios and exploring interpersonal interactions in the practice of medicine for hospitalists, internal medicine residents, and APPs.

Research, Innovations and Scholarship (RISE) Fellowship

A medical education fellowship BWH faculty seeking to enhance their skills in medical education research and scholarship. Examples from our faculty:An Experiential Curriculum for Addressing Diagnostic Uncertainty

Harvard Medical School Update in Hospital Medicine Course

The Update in Hospital Medicine Course is a premier continuing medical education offering that attracts an international audience. The 4-day intensive program developed and run by BWH HMU faculty updates busy practitioners on current best practices in hospital medicine. The curriculum covers over 30 core topics, with an emphasis on practical management of common problems. All HMU providers are provided access to the content annually.

Additional Medical Education Fellowships/Programs

  • Clinical Education Research Fellowship (CERS) Program
  • Rabkin Fellowship
  • Harvard Medical School Academy Fellowships

Brigham and Women's Physician Assistant Fellowship Program

The Brigham and Women's Physician Assistant (PA) Fellowship is a 12-month post-graduation inpatient hospital medicine fellowship program for PAs which provides new graduates with additional educational opportunities at both BWH and BWFH. The Fellowship is directed by members of the Hospital Medicine Unit and there are many opportunities for Hospitalists to participate in PA education.

Brigham Education Institute

Brigham Education Institute (BEI) aims to facilitate the design and implementation of our educational offerings, undertake relevant research, and provide access to resources and professional development opportunities for all educators across Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

  • Back to the Basics Medical Education Program
  • Medical Education Journal Club
  • Brigham Leadership Program
  • Fundamentals of Medical Education Research
  • Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program
  • Medical Education Funding Opportunities

Harvard Macy Institute

The Harvard Macy Institute brings together health care professionals, educators, and leaders to discuss the critical challenges of the day and design innovative solutions that have a lasting impact on the way medicine is practiced and students are educated. The institute also offers the highly acclaimed Program for Educators in Health Professions, an annual CME course that many of our hospitalists have attended.

Global Health

The HMU has an historic and long-lasting interest in hybrid career tracks in global health and hospital medicine. The Brigham HMU was one of the first hospital medicine units in the country to sponsor “hemi-doc” positions for global health faculty. Collaborations between the HMU and the Brigham Division of Global Health Equity remain strong.

Hospitalist-global health faculty in the HMU have a broad range of expertise, including: building and upgrading healthcare facilities infrastructure in lower-resource settings (Build Health International); training physicians and other healthcare providers in the practice of social medicine (Equal Health) (University of Global Health Equity); setting international standards of practice for scaling community health workers programs (Community Health Impact Coalition); and advocating for the rights of asylum seekers in the United States Mass General Hospital Asylum Clinic (directed by a Brigham Hospitalist). Faculty work in diverse regions of the world (BWH Global Health Equity) and welcome opportunities to collaborate with new colleagues.

In addition, many of our global health hospitalists have active funded research programs. Areas of research expertise include quality improvement; dissemination and implementation research in global health; task-shifting for the management of chronic noncommunicable diseases in low-resource settings; and management of global pandemics.

For new junior faculty interested in a career in hospital medicine and global health, the Global Health Hospitalist Track offers mentorship, collaboration, and dual appointment in HMU and the Division of Global Health Equity (BWH Global Health Track in Hospital Medicine).

Quality and Process Improvement

Many of our hospitalists lead quality and process improvement projects at both of our clinical sites. Projects have included reducing fall risk, increasing hand hygiene compliance, improving interdisciplinary rounding structure, improving rapid response communication, reducing opioid use, and more.

Clinical Process Improvement Leadership Program (CPIP)

The aim of CPIP is to facilitate the development of skills and competencies needed by clinical leaders and front-line health professionals across Mass General Brigham to actively lead and participate in clinical process improvement efforts. Several of our hospitalists participate in this course every year.

Administration and Clinical Operations

The HMU supports clinical faculty in a variety of administrative and operational roles within the service to help achieve the mission of the HMU itself. Many HMU faculty members also hold administrative and operations roles for Brigham and Women's and for the wider Mass General Brigham system.

Some examples of administrative and clinical operations positions held by HMU faculty include:

  • Associate Directors of the Hospital Medicine Unit
  • Director of the Physician Assistant service
  • Director of the Nocturnist Service
  • Unit Medical Directors (14AB, 14CD, ITU, 6 South, 7 North, 6 North)
  • Director of Population Health
  • Director of Mentorship and Promotion
  • Director of HMU Hiring Committee
  • Associate Director Inpatient, Clinician Team, Mass General Brigham eCare
  • Medical Director of Clinical Operations BWH
  • Chief Medical Information Officer for Inpatient Services
  • Participation in unit-based and hospital-wide committees

Brigham Leadership Program (BLP)

The Brigham Leadership Program is a joint program with Harvard Business School that was launched in 2007. It is a seven-month program that teaches BWH clinical and non-clinical leaders critical skills in leadership & management, finance, operations, strategy, and decision making. The course concludes with the presentation of team projects that are sponsored by senior Brigham leaders.

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