Neurology Clerkship Grading Information

Students in the Core Neurology Clerkship (NN500M.23) receive a grade that is weighted 70% faculty and resident assessment, 15% score on the bedside examination exercise (Mini-CEX), and 15% score on the Shelf Examination.

Students in the Advanced Neurology Clerkship (NN501M.23) will receive a grade that is weighted 100% on the faculty and resident assessments.

Faculty and Resident Evaluation - Core Students (70%) and Advanced Students (100%)

Please ask your service team members to fill out the following evaluation form every two weeks of your rotation. Evaluators will choose descriptors that they believe best fits with your floor performance on seven rubrics that mirror the official clerkship objectives. These descriptors will be underpinned by numerical scores. Floor evaluations will be normalized if possible.

Mini-CEX (Bedside Examination Exercise) - Core Students (15%) and Advanced Students (Not Applicable)

The mini-CEX is an opportunity for your clinical skills to be observed and assessed in the setting of a live patient encounter. You will meet with an examiner who will give you approximately 45 minutes to complete meet with a patient take an abbreviated history and conduct a neurologic examination. After this you will discuss your interpretations and will receive feedback on your performance.

Shelf Examination - Core Students (15%) and Advanced Students (Not Applicable)

Core Neurology students are required to take the neurology shelf examination of the National Board of Medical Examiners. The Shelf Examination generally takes place on the last Friday of the rotation at 2:00 PM in the Armenise (Bldg D) Amphitheater at Harvard Medical School. You will be emailed the location for your particular examination.

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