Medical Student Responsibilities


You will be assigned to the junior resident with whom you are taking call. You should follow patients with that resident.

You should attempt to admit at two patients per call night. This includes:

  • Interviewing the patient with or before your resident does
  • Writing a full H&P on the patient and discussing the history, exam findings and assessment and plan with your resident.

Daily Routine

  1. Pre-round on your patients before morning rounds and be prepared to present an update on their progress at rounds. This should include:
    1. A subjective update, with focus on neurological symptomatology but inclusive of any important medical symptoms
    2. A brief summary of any changes on their exam: Ex. "Mrs. Cohen remains with a left IIIrd nerve palsy and a right hemiparesis, although her strength in her right arm was somewhat improved today.”
  2. Follow every patient you admit as primary care provider. You may also discuss with your resident following other patients that they are caring for.
  3. Write a daily progress note on each patient and have the note cosigned by your resident. It needs to be in the chart by noon. Have each note evaluated and signed by the junior resident (or senior resident on the consult service) and discuss areas you are unclear about.
  4. Collect data on your patients (labs, test results).
  5. Communicate regarding your patients with all team members, but do not given verbal orders without discussing with the resident first.
  6. Review literature, obtain relevant articles and provide oral or written materials for the team pertinent to the patient you are following.
  7. Discuss with senior resident mutual expectations and responsibilities at the beginning of the rotation.
  8. Ask for feedback on your performance.
  9. Ask resident and attending to fill out evaluation form.

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