Skull Base Surgery Program Team

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Skull Base Surgery Program features specialists from a variety of disciplines, including otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), ophthalmology, neurology, neurosurgery, pathology, radiology, oncology, plastic surgery, and intensive care medicine. These specialists work together to ensure you receive personalized, comprehensive treatment.


Ossama Al-Mefty, MD

The Skull Base Surgery Program is led by world-renowned neurosurgeon Ossama Al-Mefty, MD, recognized by his peers as a leader in caring for patients with meningiomas and rare skull tumors (chordomas) and a pioneer in developing techniques for treating rare and complex skull base conditions.

Established Patients: 617-525-9451
New Patients: 617-732-6600
Fax: 617-713-3050

Ian F. Dunn, MD

Ian F. Dunn, MD, who has completed two fellowships in skull base surgery, joins Dr. Al-Mefty in our Skull Base Surgery Program. In addition to his expertise in skull base surgical techniques, Dr. Dunn is conducting research to sequence the genes of skull base tumors such as meningiomas and pituitary adenomas.

Established Patients: 617-732-5633
New Patients: 617-732-6600
Fax: 617-713-3050

Timothy R. Smith, MD, PhD, MPH

Timothy R. Smith, MD, PhD, MPH, joined our team after completing his fellowship in Neurological Surgery in 2015 at BWH. Dr. Smith is available to treat patients at both our main campus and Milford practice locations.

Established Patients: 617-525-3060
New Patients: 617-525-7792
Fax: 617- 713-3050

Otolaryngology (Ears, Nose, and Throat)

Donald Annino, MD
David Vernick, MD
Eduardo Corrales, MD
Daniel Lee, MD
Ravi Uppaluri, MD, PhD


Sashank Prasad, MD
Carolyn Kloek, MD


Rameen Beroukhim, MD, PhD
Eudocia Quant Lee, MD, MPH
Lakshmi Nayak, MD
David A. Reardon, MD
Patrick Wen, MD


Rebecca Folkerth, MD
Umberto Di Girolami, MD
Keith Ligon, MD, PhD
Sandro Santagata, MD, PhD

Radiation Oncology

Brian Alexander, MD, MPH
Ayal Aizer, MD
Shyam Tanguturi, MD

Plastic Surgery

Edward J. Caterson, MD, PhD

Intensive Care Medicine

William Gormley, MD, MPH, MBA


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