Conversations with the Patient about Twin Pregnancy

The risk of complications is higher for a twin pregnancy, so your patient may have questions, concerns and fears. She will benefit from education about the type of twins that she is carrying, how she can best maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout gestation, and the options available to her for delivery.

Consider referring your patient to the specific information on twin pregnancy which is provided by the maternal-fetal medicine specialists at BWH.

How should I speak with my patient about twin pregnancy?

When you meet with your patient, it may be helpful to discuss:

  • Possible need to refer to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, why this may be necessary, what will happen during the referral, the role of the specialist throughout the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and how you, her primary obstetrician, will continue to be involved.
  • Appropriate birth plans to consider for twin delivery.
  • Social support for mothers and parents of twins.

Provide information for your patients about twin pregnancies.

You may also want to provide your patient with illustrations of the different types of twin pregnancies.

Where can I ask additional questions?

We are happy to respond to general questions about twin pregnancies. Please use our online form to send us your twin pregnancy question, and one of our maternal-fetal medicine specialists will respond. Please note that your question will be emailed and responded through a private and secure system.

Do you have additional resources on twin pregnancy?

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