Arrival and Parking

Valet parking is available at the 45 Francis Street and 75 Francis Street entrances to the hospital. You also may self-park at the 80 Francis Street Servicenter Garage. Learn more about directions and parking options, including hours of operation and fees.

Sharf Admitting Center

The Sharf Admitting Center is located in the Schuster Lobby at the main entrance at 75 Francis Street, behind the information desk. A receptionist will greet you and direct you to an admitting interviewer who will:

  • Complete your admission paperwork
  • Obtain and/or confirm insurance and other information
  • Collect a deposit, if necessary
  • Help you check your belongings

Important Points:

  • Please remember to bring your insurance card.
  • Bring a list of your current medications
  • You also may have laboratory work done during admission.
  • Please note that although you will have a scheduled time for your surgery, emergencies or other issues could cause that time to change.

Obstetrical Admitting

When you arrive at the hospital in labor, enter through the main lobby at 75 Francis Street and check in at the Obstetrical Admitting office also located in the main lobby. An admitting interviewer will complete your admission paperwork and escort you to the Center for Labor and Birth in our Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women's Health. The obstetrical admitting staff is on-duty 24 hours-a-day and will make all the arrangements necessary for a swift and comfortable admission to the hospital.

Being Admitted from the Emergency Department

You may be admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Department. If you were a patient in the Emergency Department, your doctor may determine that your condition requires you to stay in the hospital, based on the examination he or she did and any blood tests and x-rays that you may have had done.

Important Points:

  • It may take some time before we are able to move you out of the Emergency Department to a bed on one of the inpatient units.
  • The Admitting staff will locate a bed in the most appropriate unit for you.
  • The doctor who cared for you in the Emergency Department will update your doctor about your condition, as well as other doctors and nurses who will be caring for you in the hospital.
  • Additional tests may be required before you leave the Emergency Department.

Same Day Admission

For certain surgeries and other procedures, patients are admitted to the hospital on the same day the procedure takes place. Your doctor will tell you if you will be admitted on the same day. If so, on the working day before your procedure, please confirm your procedure and arrival times by calling (617) 732-7625 between 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

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