Patient Rooms

Patient Tower Floors

Medical and surgical patients are cared for in the 16-story Tower building at the 75 Francis Street entrance. Each floor is organized in a clover-leaf shape with four curved patient units, called pods, labeled A, B, C or D. You may be directed to "8B", for example, which means eighth floor, pod B.

Maternity Floors

Maternity patients are cared for in the Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women's Health, located in the main hospital building.

Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center – Patient Rooms

Cardiovascular patients are cared for on floors 6 through 10 in the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center, located across the street and connected by a bridge to the main hospital.

Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center – Patient Rooms

Our medical oncology patients are cared for on floors 4BC, 5AB, 6A, 7AB, 12C of the Tower Building. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Inpatient Hospital patients are on 6BCD.

The Shapiro Tower Pavilion

Brigham and Women’s Hospital also offers all-private Pavilion rooms with special amenities and services. For more information and a fee schedule, call (617) 732-8518.

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Telephone Access

A bedside telephone is available in each inpatient room. Telephone calls within Massachusetts are free, excluding calls made to area code 413. To make telephone calls to area code 413 or to locations outside of Massachusetts you must dial 9+0+0 to access an MCI/Verizon operator who will help you charge long distance calls to your credit card or to make a collect call.

Your family and friends may obtain your bedside telephone number by calling Patient Information at (617) 732-5164.

Television Services

All patient rooms have a television for each patient. For general entertainment there are a number of free channels and movies on-demand. For health information, prompts are located on the television to select video title, language, and channel to view educational videos.

DVD Movie Lending Service

The Bretholtz Center lends DVD players and movies to patients and their families. A list of DVDs is available at the Center; patients may choose up to three movies at a time to rent. Once returned, the patient and family may take out more movies. All movies must be returned before the patient is discharged from the Hospital. For more information, please call the Bretholtz Center at (617) 732-6636.

TTY Machines

The hospital provides portable devices (TTY machines and amplified handsets) for hearing impaired patients during their hospital stay. Please call (617) 732-6458 for more information.


An attendant visits patient floors once a day to announce the sale of newspapers, including the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, New York Times, and USA Today. Newspapers also are available at stands in the main lobby.

Mail and Flowers

Mail and flowers are distributed daily to inpatients.

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