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Your Surgery

Pre-surgery Preparation

All patients having surgery will be prepared for surgery by members of the health care team.

You will first check in at the Admitting Office. You will then be escorted to the family liaison waiting area where you will wait until you are called to the preoperative area.

When in the preoperative area:

  • You will meet the preoperative nurse who will interview you and check your vital signs
  • A pulse oximeter will be placed on your finger and will remain there until your surgery
  • You will meet the operating room nurse and anesthesiologist who will be caring for you
  • The anesthesiologist or nurse may start an intravenous line in your arm for fluids and medications during your surgery and postoperative period

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Important Point

If you are chilly when you are brought into the air-conditioned Operating Room, do not hesitate to ask for a blanket.

After Surgery

When the surgery is over, you:

  • Will spend time in the recovery room recovering from anesthesia and being monitored by a nurse who will frequently take your vital signs
  • Will be wearing an oxygen mask
  • Should ask the nurse for the medicine your doctor has ordered for you, if you are in pain
  • Should ask for warm blankets, if you are cold

While in the Recovery Room you will be allowed brief visits with your loved one.

After Spending Time in the Recovery Area

  • You will go to your hospital room, where your family can visit you
  • The floor nurses will give you pain medicine and let you know when you can eat, drink and get out of bed, according to your doctor’s orders

Important Points

  • You should practice any breathing or leg exercises you are taught – even if somewhat uncomfortable – as this will speed your recovery.
  • Make sure you can easily reach your call button, telephone and any other personal items you may need.
  • Please use caution when you feel you are ready to walk around and do not get out of bed without help, unless you are instructed otherwise.


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