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Physical and Occupational Therapy Ambulatory Service

Main Campus Location

70 Francis Street, 1st Floor
Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center
Boston, MA 02115

Services and Hours of Operation

  • Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy: Monday - Friday, 8am-5:30pm
  • Hand Therapy: Monday - Friday, 8am-5:30pm

Contact Information

Main Numbers: (617) 732-5304 or (617) 732-6109

Fax Number: (617) 730-2884

Executive Director of Rehabilitation Services

Reg B. Wilcox III, PT, DPT, MS, OCS
(617) 732-5301

Clinical Supervisor

Clare E. Safran-Norton PT, PhD, MS, OCS
(617) 732-5500 ext 32869

View a complete listing of Rehabilitation Services staff at this location.

General Appointment Information

Making an Appointment: To make an appointment, please call the main number, (617) 732-5304 or (617) 732-6109. Inform the front desk staff what your diagnosis is and which doctor is referring you to therapy.

First Appointment: Your first visit will take about one hour. You will need a Rehabilitation Referral (or Prescription) from your doctor in order to start therapy. During this appointment you will meet your therapist and he/she will evaluate you and devise a treatment plan for your therapy. For your first visit please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out paperwork. Bring appropriate clothes for treatment.

Follow-Up Visits: Your follow-up appointments will generally be a half an hour in length. The frequency and duration of your appointments is based on your current rehabilitation needs which will be identified and discussed with you on your first visit.

Please Note: If you are unable to attend an appointment please call us or cancel your appointment via Patient Gateway, as soon as possible so that we can use the appointment time for another patient. If you miss more than three appointments in a row without notifying us or if we have not seen you for greater than 30 days you will be discharged from therapy and will need to get a new Doctor’s Referral to be re-evaluated.

Checking In for Your Appointment: When arriving for your appointment please check in with the secretary. We make every attempt to run our clinic on time. This however, may be altered if our patients are not on time or if we have unforeseen emergency situations. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late please make sure to identify yourself to the secretaries. Depending upon how late you are and the flow of the clinic during that particular time we may need to reschedule your appointment.

What Do I wear to therapy? We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing. If you are receiving therapy for a leg injury a pair of shorts and sneakers are recommend.

Insurance: We are providers for most insurance plans. If you have a managed care plan that requires an insurance referral you must obtain the referral prior to your first appointment. If you are unsure of your insurance benefit for rehabilitation we recommend you call your insurance plan for specific details. It is your responsibility for knowing your insurance plan’s benefits. Please note that some plans have different benefits for physical therapy and occupational therapy. If you have any additional questions regarding your insurance please contact our Managed Care Coordinator, she would be happy to assist you.Collaboration with your Doctor: In an effort to meet your needs appropriately we will be re-evaluating you at least every thirty days in order to modify and continually progress your rehabilitation. Due to insurance requirements we need an updated Doctor’s certification for therapy every 30 days of care. Your therapist may need your assistance in getting these certifications returned from your doctor.

Interpreting Services: If you require the need of an interpreter please identify this need to the secretary scheduling your appointment. We will then arrange for an interpreter to assist you during your appointment.


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