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Pediatric, Newborn and Fetal Developmental Neuroscience Research

Our mission is to improve the lives of infants exposed to early neonatal risk through interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding brain-behavior relationships and the clinical, neurological and social mechanisms that shape child development. This information is then used to inform the development and evaluation of new clinical intervention strategies to improve the health and neurodevelopmental outcomes of the high-risk neonate and child. Focus areas of interest include very preterm birth, congenital heart disease, neonatal brain injury, prenatal and postnatal drug exposure, maternal mental health, parenting and early nutrition. Methodological approaches span both observational and intervention study designs and typically involve multiple methods that draw on the diverse, but complimentary, expertise of our multidisciplinary team. Special interests of team members include:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Fetal and Newborn Brain Research Team:

Monitoring of the Newborn Brain Research Team:

Infant and Child Development Research Team:

Developmental Neuroscience Team:

  • Lillian Matthews, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Brian Monson, PhD, Research Scientist
  • Alyssa Morris, BA, Research Assistant II


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