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We are extremely grateful for the support that is so generously offered to the families and babies we care for in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Well Baby Nurseries at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). Volunteers and donors make our work possible and the lives of babies and their families better.

Volunteer Opportunities

NICU Family Support Team: Our BWH NICU Family Support Team is led by three parents of former NICU patients. They provide one-to-one counseling to parents and also organize a host of parent events, from “date night” to “journey beads.” Often, they could use assistance with these activities.  For more information, please contact NICU Parent Support Liaison Gayle Schumacher.

NICU Rockers: NICU Rockers come in two varieties. BWH has a youth program in which teens are employed to assist nurses in the Intermediate Care Unit by answering phones, performing some straightforward errands and clerical work, and rocking babies. This popular program often is over-subscribed and is not always available. Adult volunteers who wish to rock babies whose parents are not able to be with their child offer vitally important care that fosters normal development.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the BWH Office for Volunteers.

Parent-to-Parent Support: Sometimes it takes someone who has “walked the walk” to truly provide the best possible support to parents of NICU babies. If you are a former NICU parent who would be willing to share your story and provide support to parents who currently have babies in the NICU, please contact Gayle Schumacher.

Donor Opportunities

Donations support many aspects of newborn care, including construction of the new NICU, purchase of specific supplies and equipment, support for parent activities or special needs, some newer clinical programs, and research.

Donations of new baby supplies, equipment or furniture: Donors have contributed many types of material goods, including new hospital furniture, car seats, supplies for parent events, and knitted hats, booties, or blankets for babies.  Please contact Gayle Schumacher for more information.

Monetary donations: Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. Donations can be directed to our department or to a specific fund or researcher.  Three funds currently support the work of caring for babies and their families. These include:

  • The Friends of the NICU Fund: This fund provides support for parent needs, selected needed NICU equipment or furnishings, and supplies for parent activities. The Friends of the NICU Fund also makes the NICU Parent Liaison program possible.
  • The Stork Fund: This fund provides support to a variety of projects in maternal and newborn care, including new clinical initiatives (such as the donor breast milk program), needed equipment (such as a special monitor to analyze newborn respiratory patterns), and pilot/early research projects, especially by junior investigators. There is an annual competitive application process and awards are judged by a panel of staff and parent representatives.
  • The Newborn Research Fund:This fund supports researchers in the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine who are beginning new studies or who require additional funding to continue their work. If you wish to support our research, you may do it by contributing to this fund or by choosing one or more investigators whom you would like to support.

If you would like make a monetary donation to the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine or to a specific fund or researcher, please visit our donation page.

Major donations, such as contributions toward construction and/or naming opportunities, are handled through the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Development Office.


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